Images from UW football fall camp

Fall camp concluded for Wyoming Saturday with its second and final scrimmage.

Hope you enjoyed the video highlights and interviews I posted throughout camp. I shot a few photos I wanted to share that I though were fun and somewhat funny.

Brendan Turelli and his short shorts.

Brendan Turelli and his short shorts.

First, senior long snapper Brendan Turelli is one of my favorite guys on the team. A great guy who does his job well. During the last week of camp, Turelli and senior punter Ethan Wood got some pairs of workout shorts from UW’s equipment guys, and they are very much old school. Here is Turelli showing them off. Sorry for the titled angle on all these photos you are about to see. Both Wood and Turelli said they made them look like your old-school gym teacher/coach. I think that description does it justice.

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UW fall camp – practice No. 23

Wyoming practiced for about two hours Friday morning in War Memorial Stadium, its final tune-up before camp ends Saturday with a scrimmage, which starts around 10:30 a.m. Just a reminder that the scrimmage is closed to the public and media so there will be no live updates.

Some of the early drill work Friday involved tackling. Not live tackling, but with tire-shaped figures.  Check some of that out here.

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UW fall camp – practice No. 21

Wyoming practiced Thursday morning in War Memorial Stadium, and the weather had a fall-feel as it was a little chilly and breezy.

Third-year coach Craig Bohl the practice, which lasted a little over two hours, was “work-man like. At this point in camp, UW also is installing some of its game play for its opener Sept. 3 against Northern Illinois. Bohl moved Wednesday afternoon’s practice to evening so some of the players can get used to playing under the lights. Such will be the case in the opener.

Here are some highlights from practice.

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UW fall camp – practice No. 20

Wyoming practiced once Wednesday for about 1 hour and 10 minutes in War Memorial Stadium. That was planned by coach Craig Bohl, who said the team would lift weights and do some mental work in the afternoon.

UW’s final two-a-day session of fall camp is Thursday. It’s pattern for this was to go with a lighter practice in the morning, and a heavier one in the afternoon. However, Bohl said he will flip-flop that Thursday since Wednesday was a lighter day on the field.

Here are some highlights from the early portions of Wednesday’s practice.

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UW fall camp – practice No. 18

Wyoming held its Tuesday morning practice at the North 40 practice fields, and third-year coach Craig Bohl wasn’t happy that UW’s facilities crew watered the grass fields prior to practice, which created a lot of slipping and mis-timing in certain instances.

Here’s what Bohl told the media after practice.

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My preseason AP top 25 college football poll

Once again I was asked to vote in this year AP top 25 college football poll, and once again I accepted. I can’t remember how many times I’ve done this, but it’s been a lot. When the BCS was in existence I was a voter in the Harris Poll — the human element to that formula.

Being gone last weekend I didn’t post this when the official AP preseason poll was released Sunday. But as the season goes on, I will release my poll as close as to the same time as the real one.

Below is how I voted along with the official poll. As always, you feed back is welcomed and encouraged.

My poll                                           Official poll

1. Alabama                                     1. Alabama

2. Clemson                                    2. Clemson
3. Ohio State                                 3. Oklahoma
4. Florida State                             4. Florida State
5. Michigan                                   5. LSU

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Updated weights to 2016 UW football roster

Wyoming released its latest roster Wednesday night with updated heights and weights. The previous roster UW had out was around late June to early July.

Not a lot changed in terms of heights, but here are some of the more noticeable weight differences.

Player                                      Old Roster                                  New Roster

FB Drew Van Maanen               230                                             241

*LB Cassh Maluia                      210                                             223

*LB Drew Harvey                       210                                             234

^DE Josiah Hall                         232                                              237

*OG Gavin Rush                       285                                              301

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UW fall camp – Day 9

Wyoming football coach Craig Bohl wasn’t pleased with what he saw from the Cowboys’ practice Wednesday — the 11th of fall camp.

I’ll let you listen to what Bohl had to say about it.

If you watched the entire Bohl video, you heard him say that senior wide receiver Jake Maulhardt and junior fullback Drew Van Maanen didn’t finish practice with “soft tissue issues.” That means hamstring strains. Senior wide receiver Tanner Gentry, junior cornerback Robert Priester and sophomore free safety Andrew Wingard — all starters — have been dealing with the same thing throughout camp and remain out. However, Bohl is optimistic all three will return soon.

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Conway, Okwoli having good camps at WR for Cowboys

Wyoming doesn’t have a lot of proven depth at the wide receiver spot behind seniors Tanner Gentry and Jake Maulhardt.

Redshirt freshman C.J. Johnson had a good spring, and continues to be solid in fall camp and figures to be in the mix behind Gentry and Maulhardt. Same is true for sophomores Joe Parker and James Price.

Two more guys may be getting into the mix as well — redshirt freshman Austin Conway and true freshman John Okwoli.

Gentry has been out with a strained hamstring, which has given Conway and Okwoli more chances for reps with he No. 1 offense during camp. Third-year coach Craig Bohl said after Tuesday’s morning practice both Conway and Okwoli have “exceeded expectations” so far in fall camp.

Here’s more from Bohl on Tuesday’s practice.

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Ebbesen getting support from two different family dynamics

Du’Ryan Ebbesen is from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but has called Wyoming home for more than five years.

Ebbesen is a walk-on senior center for the Wyoming football team, and also a graduate of Cheyenne Central High. As a quick refresher, here is the story I wrote on Ebbesen during spring drills in late March.

Du'Ryan Ebbesen

Du’Ryan Ebbesen

A lot of Ebbesen’s motivation is for his family back in the Virgin Islands, but also for his adoptive family back in Cheyenne.

“The support and feedback from everyone in Cheyenne is great,” Ebbesen said. “May guardians, Tim and Bonnie Woodard, along with Jason Woodard, are happy I’m finally getting a shot. They told me to go to center when I first got to Wyoming. I was a little stubborn, but looks like they were right.”

Not only does Ebbesen feel the support from Cheyenne, but also in Laramie and throughout Wyoming. He may be from the Virgin Islands, but many know he graduated from high school in Wyoming — and you know how UW fans take to seeing one of their in-state kids do well in athletics.

“It’s a big deal to be on this team, and a great pleasure to be here and play for these die-hard fans,” Ebbesen added.

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