2 thoughts on “UW-Texas to kickoff at 5 p.m. MST

  1. Did the UW athletic department move the two nonconference games in September to evening start times in hopes of increasing attendance ? That would be my guess as more people work Saturdays during the day than evenings, or have things and projects to get done during the day. I am not sure it will help for that opening game against the unknown Southern Utah. Hopefully it will work, especially for the Boise State game.
    Then again, winter could make an early appearance in mid-September as it has been known to on more occasions than not, and we could all be left shivering and trembling in the frigid dark, resulting in a good number of no shows, attendees leaving early during the game, and a lack of walk up ticket sales.

    • Hi Larry,

      The home-opener against Southern Utah was moved to night by UW to showcase the new suites and club seating. There was no TV involved and the school also figured that with that game over the Labor Day weekend holiday that it may help attendance.

      The Boise State game was moved based on TV. UW had no say or the final decision on that one. You are right, a fall snowstorm or bad weather could hurt. But this game will be on natinal television and the TV folks have the say in the game times.

      Thanks for the post and interest in the blog. Have a great day.


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