Stories of the day

A few stories that caught my eye this morning scanning the Internet.

Look what Boise State is doing with its student section for men’s basketball. What would you think if Wyoming did that? I often thought it would be smart if the athletics department rearranged some things in the A-A.

4 thoughts on “Stories of the day

  1. Geez, Robert, you should have warned us not to look directly at the picture on that link to the Denver Post. After seeing those green and orange uniforms, I think I’ll skip lunch… blech.

    • My bad Brad, I should have given some advance warning. LOL

      I thought those uniforms were bad during basketball. I can’t imagine they would be much better for football.


  2. students should be moved to surround portal visitors come in and out of as it would be better for home court as well as TV.

    • Hi Nick,

      I like that idea, too. I also like having the teams swtich benches and putting the students behind the basket of the opposing bench.
      Lots of ways to reconfigure things, but I think we came up with a couple of good ones.
      Thanks for the comment.

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