Cowboys land USC hoops transfer

Just got word that Wyoming signed 6-7, 230-pound forward Leonard Washington from Southern California. He will be eligible for the 2011-12 season, but will enroll at UW this fall.

See Saturday’s Wyoming Tribune-Eagle or and Laramie Boomerang or for why UW coach Heath Schroyer likes this signing.

But as I was trying to find some information on Washington, I came across this from in a blog from the Orange County Register on why Washington left USC:

“The primary reason USC and Washington are parting ways is the player’s persistent poor attitude,” the source said.

“Washington strangely refused to talk the media this season, and apparently he treated others the same way.”

Interesting. USC also handed down a self-imposed ban of post-season play for the 2010-11 season amid the wrongdoing with former player O.J. Mayo.

2 thoughts on “Cowboys land USC hoops transfer

  1. The way I see it, Schroyer has one year to get the pokes into the top 4 of the mwc or he is done. Everyone talks about how we had injuries last year, but the fact is, they do not play well. They are undisciplined and they dont play as a team. I still have hope that Schroyer can get them going, he is a great coach but it needs to happen this year.

    • I agree. I don’t know about the top four (although that would certainly help) but I know his team has to show marked improvment in the conference this season. This team needs to play even average defense, which it hasn’t since Schroyer arrived. Maybe things will improve, and I hope so. I like Heath and I like what he’s trying to do in terms of building numbers with certain classes. But it seems like no matter what he does fans just aren’t buying into it. I’ve never seen this much apathy toward the program.

      Good comment Joe. Thanks as always.


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