Carta-Samuels practices well

Just got done watching Wyoming’s Wednesday football practice. It was a pleasant fall afternoon in Laramie, but one the sun started to set it got a little chilly.

Sophomore quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels practiced as UW gets ready to host No. 11 Utah Saturday. He didn’t show much rust after missing last week’s game at No. 4 TCU due to an injury.

“He looked good today,” coach Dave Christensen said. “He hit on some deep balls. He looked like he might even have better touch on the ball. He made one bad throw on a fade route, then I saw make four or five nice deep-ball throws.

“He practiced well (Tuesday), and practied well today.”

Saw a couple of nice catches from junior receiver Jonathan Aiken, and some impressive pass break-ups from the Gipson brothers at cornerback.

Even saw a “spirited” exchange between some offensive and defensive linemen during one of the sessions.

“We haven’t had any issues with the effort we get out of practice,” Christensen added. “We practice physical and we practice with speed. I have no complaints whatsoever with the work ethic of our kids.”

See Thursday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang www.laramieboomerang.comfor a story on football scheduling. It covers what the immediate future looks like, which is uncertain, and on the possibility of playing Utah once it is a member of the Pac-10.

Also see my analysis piece on the first half of the season for the Cowboys, and a look ahead to the second half.

And, don’t forget to join me at 3 p.m. Thursday for my weekly live chat. We can hit on football and even basketball as the MWC had its men’s and women’s media days this week. Just come to this blog and look for the link.

3 thoughts on “Carta-Samuels practices well

  1. Robert, I have 2 comments. First, it appears that the Pokes are not starting as many Freshmen as last season. Is Coach C redshirting these guys or was this past year’s recruiting class not as good as last years? Second, UW should work to find a Denver Radio Station to carry Football and Men’s Basketball and have coach C call regularly to one of the sports talk shows in Denver. If UW works out such a deal, they need to get the word out. They have a lot of alumni and parents of students in the Denver area who would listen if they know when and which station they are on and when Coach C will call one of the Denver stations.

    • Hi Richard,

      Coach C wants to redshirt these guys and build for the future. I think there are a few other freshmen/newcomers that could help right now, but it’s not worth burning a redshirt at this point. I don’t think it means this last recruiting class wasn’t as good ast he first. I think it’s more of a matter where more freshmen needed to play last year to help.

      Second, I like your point with the Denver radio station. I know in the past there was a deal in place with one of them. That would help them get the word out more in the biggest metropolitan city closest to Laramie. Probably easier said than done in terms of finding a deal that makes financial sense for both UW and the radio station. But every little bit of exposure would help.

      Good question and points Richard. Have a good weekend.


  2. In reference to Poke radio in Denver.
    Another prime location for radio outreach is the Rapid City/Northern and Southern Hills region of the Black Hills of South Dakota. There’s a ton of Poke fans in this region but no game broadcasts by the many radio stations in the area. Several years ago the Pokes has a 4-year starter at tight end by the name of Mike Jones. Mike was a Joe Tiller recruit and a Rapid City Stevens graduate. Unfortunately there wasn’t any radio stations in Rapid or the Hills area to carry the games that Mike played in. The Pokes could easily pick-up any “Blue Chipper” in this area if they had radio broadcast that fans could listen to. It all starts with radio.

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