UW-CSU postgame thoughts

History was made in the 102nd Border War football game between Wyoming and Colorado State.

And fortunately for UW it was all good.

The Cowboys won 44-0 for their most lopsided win in the series. It was its first shutout since their 24-0 Border War win in 2006. It was the most points scored in coach Dave Christensen’s two seasons, and most points in a regulation game since Sept. 4, 2004.

And, it was UW’s first back-to-back wins in the Border War since 1991-92.

Those things help erase some of the bad memories of what was a 3-9 season.

Other than a missed extra point and a couple of early drives on offense, UW was flawless. It threw for 267 yards, ran for 212 and held CSU to 162 yards.

Sophomore running back Alvester Alexander ran for 147 yards and a school-record five touchdowns. It was the hardest he ran all season. CSU did a horrible job of tackling Alexander, and many other players the entire game.

Alexander also broke the school record for touchdowns in a season with 14. The guy really ran well near the end of the season.

The defense recorded six sacks. It had 14 in its first 11 games.

That may be the most shocking statistic of them all. But it wasn’t like true freshman quarterback Pete Thomas was under constant pressure. At times he was, but UW’s linebackers and defensive backs didn’t allow many open receivers for Thomas.

I liked what junior receiver Mazi Ogbonna did in the game. He has five catches for 65 yards. He did a lot of damage on short passes and running after the catch. Ogbonna was expected to give UW speed and a deep threat when he came in from junior college this season. There weren’t any deep passes, but he did show me some speed and skill.

Where was that all season?

See my column in Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle www.wyomingnews.com and Laramie Boomerang www.laramieboomerang.com for more on that.

Junior defensive back Tashaun Gipson recorded his team-best third interception. He was playing cornerback at the time, but also played some at safety for sophomore Shamiel Gary, who was in uniform but didn’t play. Gary returned to Laramie Monday after a death in his family and practiced. Coach Dave Christensen said he wasn’t mentally ready to play, but expects Gary to be fine and back next season.

Didn’t get to talk to sophomore quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels. There was a delay doing player interviews as a fire alarm went off in the weight room of the Rochelle Athletics Center. He was gone by the time we got to getting players out for interviews. Nice to see him play well. He was 23 of 32 for 267 yards, and ran for 46 yards and a touchdown.

It was his best game since he threw for 319 yards and three touchdowns in the season-opener against Southern Utah, and the most passing yards since that game. Carta-Samuels needed a game like this.

Good way for UW to end the season. Coaches will hit the road Sunday to recruit. Winter conditioning starts in January and spring ball in March.

9 thoughts on “UW-CSU postgame thoughts

  1. The Pokes caught fire yesterday I don’t know what the spark was but I hope they can hold on to it for next season. Great quote in the opinion article on recruiting being the key, I hope that the coaching staff can find some of the pieces they need to get the football program back on it’s feet next season. Best of luck to the team as they focus on the 2011 season.

  2. Robert,

    I agree with your comments about Ogbanna. I think when the starter Chris McNeill went out in the 2nd quarter with the injury, he stepped in and did a great job. If he can continue to play like that, and with the addition of T.J. Smith, the pokes will have 3 solid receivers all with game experience. Hopefully, between Aiken and Lester we can surface another target that could complete the foursome. All capable receivers for ACS.

  3. Robert , I know I been alittle hard on the cowboys the last couple weeks but you know me and our family love the pokes.We have had season tickets for fifty years and I am sorry we didn’t make the game yesterday,had to work. Thats the why we want the pokes to play every game .Good luck in the off season. Now if we can get the basketball team to play with a little fire a whole game.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      I think all UW fans expected UW to play much of the season like it did against CSU. Nice to see it put it all together for one game and keep the Bronze Boot in Laramie.

      Fans like you and your family are what make UW a special place. I hope basketball can get it going but it has a long way to go.

      Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Robert,
    Wow what a game! I’m so glad I was there in person, it was a great memory and I think rivals last year’s New Mexico Bowl win. Its funny that I hear the negative nellies say that Wyoming did so well only because CSU was terrible. Well, not so fast… It was the RIVALRY game and records don’t matter! CSU was pretty worked up on the sidelines, they came in motivated. I just really think Wyoming got the fire lit under them and hope it carries into next year. What I hope and I think I see from DC is: 1) He can motivate his STAFF 2) In turn motivate the players and 3) “If you believe in what we’re doing and buy into this system, Wyoming has the ability to make that kind of performance possible week in and week out”.
    After looking at this season’s stats, I really feel that the BYU loss was the most pivotal followed by the SDSU loss. Once bowl hopes were dashed, the Pokes just lost heart and given the schedule they played, I think they felt “Why bother”? Well, DC provided an answer to that question… I feel pretty good that the Bronze Boot will keep its Wyoming zip code for a while!

    BTW… I was basking in the glow of the win yesterday and then I heard one of those negative nellies say something about ACS leaving the team! Boy, negative people sure have a way of ripping your guts out! Any idea where this came from? Yesterday was no exception, ACS plays with heart and is a playmaker, but we had a number of playmakers yesterday. Despite that, ACS is still my favorite Poke and he’s already etched his mark into Cowboy lore. Please tell me this is just some stupid rumor!

    • Hi Brian,

      I’ve heard those ACS rumors but just stuff on the street. Nothing concrete. I think a lot of it is based on his comments after the UNLV game. It’s been a tough season for him and his frustrations really showed at times. I would be shocked if he transfers. I think it also goes back to your comment on DC. If he sits down with ACS and lays things out on the line I think this all will be water under the bridge.

      It was great to see UW put it all together. I did think CSU was pretty bad Saturday, but UW was pretty darn good, too.

      The BYU loss was pivotal, I agree. I also thought the Air Force loss stung. That was really the first game where UW had a chance to win late and failed to make the plays. Not that UW gave up the rest of the season, but that kind of set the tone of things to come.

      Glad you enjoyed the game. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Rg,
    Yeah have to agree with everyone on the game…. WOW. It shows that DC has what is needed to get this program turned in the right direction..

    • It was encouraging to see UW put it all together in a game. Wish it would have happened sooner. Now on to recruiting and continuned development of the players in place.

      Happy Thanksgiving.


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