Carta-Samuels still a Cowboy

Just got done talking to Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen for a season-ending analysis/look-ahead piece to run on Sunday.

The first question I asked was about sophomore quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels and if he is coming back next season. Rumors and speculation have swirled the last month or so that Carta-Samuels will transfer.

“He’s on the football team and 100 percent committed,” Christensen said. “He’s signed up for his lifting next semester. He’s been positive with me. He’s here. There’s no reason to believe that he’s leaving.”

Carta-Samuels wasn’t available for an interview for my Sunday story, and he won’t do any interviews for a while per Christensen’s request so he can concentrate on school and football.

Christensen said the same thing about sophomore safety Shamiel Gary, who missed the last two games of the season. Gary had a death in the family and didn’t travel to UW’s second-to-last game at UNLV. He returned to school and practice the following week for the Colorado State game. But even though he was in uniform for the game, he didn’t play.

“I didn’t feel like was mentally in tune to be able to go back into play,” he said. “He was at our team meeting (Wednesday), along with Austyn.”

Christensen has been meeting with players this week, and said the only one that won’t be back as of now is sophomore walk-on defensive tackle Eric Brooks. However, Christensen expects Brooks to be back for fall camp in August.

The only player that will miss spring drills due to injury is redshirt freshman defensive lineman Mark Willis, who is still recovering from knee surgery. Willis is expected to be ready for fall camp.

Junior linebacker Oliver Schober had some minor shoulder surgery and will be limited in contact during the spring.

Christensen anticipates some players switching positions heading into 2011. He and his staff will discuss that more later this month. The most notable one as of now is sophomore Ghaali Muhammad moving from linebacker to running back. Muhammad was a running back in high school, and returned kickoffs this past season.

For more, see my story in Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang

6 thoughts on “Carta-Samuels still a Cowboy


  2. I meant to ask you to check on the status of Alo Moli b-4 you did your interview with DC. Do you know if he still plans on playing for the Poke’s?

    • I talked to a coach about him a while back and it was my impression that he won’t be back.

  3. Thank goodness! ACS has earned a lot of respect from Wyoming fans and he belongs right here! Get some more playmakers around him and I think you’ll see his leadership and gusty style shine even brighter! He’s made his mark in UW Football history, we will forever remember the “stiff-arm of 2009” and the “Obliteration of CSU in 2010”; ACS made this happen!
    I sure hope that the 44-0 Border war does more for UW than the NM Bowl win in the sense that UW had to have a lot go their way to get the bowl win, 44-0 scoreboard says that when properly motivated the team can put together a flawless game in all phases. That is confidence and the message DC is giving this Poke FB team!

  4. RG,
    Well with Ghaali going over to the RB leaves the opening for the Juco to fight for the starting pos… I’m kinda excited for Ghaali to move over, I think AA is good but lacks the instinct to pound through the line, for some reason I see him just looking for an opening and not making one? I think Ghaali will be more like Demo, in a sense he is willing to go give a hit instead of taking one.. then use Herron as a man in moition to use his speed.
    What do you think will we sign 2 QB’s this years to get some depth.

    I sure hope Heath can get the BB program going, not real impressed so far…


    • I’m curious to see Ghaali at RB, too. Sounds like they like the linebackers coming in this recruiting class, and more could be coming.

      Will be interesting to see where Kankolongo fits it. Would like to see him stay healthy enough to prove what he can do.

      Don’t think anyone has been impressed by hoops so far. At least they won last night. I hope Heath can get it going, too., but it will be an uphill battle.


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