Starting the day off right

Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen wants to add size to a number of players at different positions, so starting in January all scholarship players will be required to attend a breakfast training table Monday-Friday from 7:15-9 a.m.

The goal is have players consume between 2,500-3,000 calories before lunch.

“We’re not going to be able to recruit the finished product here,” he said. “We have to recruit athleticism and project, and then build them when they get here. We have some great linemen, but they’re 275 or 280, and we need them up to 290 or 300. Same with our defensive line, and all positions.”

There won’t be any early-morning weight-lifting sessions when the players return from Christmas break. They will be moved to the afternoon where players should be more alert. However, players will still go through Christensen’s Winning Edge Program at 6 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in February.

Weekly weight-lifting and agility testing will continue during the offseason, but will be moved to Mondays after two days of rest for players instead of Fridays after a week of workouts in the hope the players are fresher and get more out of the testing.

Those are some of the changes to be made as Christensen and his staff enter their third season. For more changes, see my analysis piece in Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang

7 thoughts on “Starting the day off right

  1. RG-

    It’s apparent that DC is not the same social magnate that Glenn represented. However, accessibility and honesty along with transparency of the program is critical to Cowboy Nation.

    I think Christensen would raise his stock if he talked more about direction and goals of how and where he would like to take this Poke Football program in the near term. It could help facilitate help throughout this country from past players, coaches, alums and fans if he could inspire more passion and confidence in HIS path towards competing at a higher level. I realize his mentality is different, he appears to be standoffish, almost emotionless in his role. This may be a desirable trait, however fans want someone to rally around and this needs to come from leadership. He is the front man of the program, not guys like ACS.

    Nutrition and training aside, the league is vaporizing and transforming into a new look. We honestly have a shot, but we need a rallying call and the help of every Cowboy everywhere to help us get there. This is a group effort. We care and we can help. Now, Go Pokes!!

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for all you do Gags.

    • Hi Ted,

      Your points are very valid. I think DC is very straight it in ways and how he wants to do things, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He basically told me that when I interviewed him for this story. It’s rare to find a coach like Glenn who not only loved football but loved people and life. But in the end, a coach needs to win games and DC realizes that. He’s a good guy, but I do think he gets a bad rap sometimes because he’s not the personality Glenn was.

      If the recruits he’s bringing in are as good as advertised then I think the path the program is taking is pretty good.

      You are right about the fans. Everyone needs to be involved. Winning will help that. Just look at the past and in other sports. … 3,000-plus average now for women’s basketball, and they drew 2,000 for a wrestling dual last year.

      Thanks for the comment Ted. Take care.


  2. RG,
    I think you have to be understanding in the fact that DC is a no-nonsense type of guy. I like that because he does not sugar coat anything, the fact that I think Joe did this with his personallity some time when things were not performing. You can make things look rosey when they are not with Joes personallity. DC is straight to the point and does not hid the fact that it was ugly at time and good at time…..straight talk is the best…
    DC will make the tough changes and ot will be for the best… can’t wait for next year already…


  3. RG,
    Any word on the commits that were here over the weekend…
    I know we recvg 1 commit on the RB…… what / who were the recruits in over the w/e..


    • The RB commitment is the only one so far. This coming week could be a big one as many of the guys UW is targeting are taking their final recruiting trips, whether it is to UW or other schools.


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