Hoops news and notes

The Wyoming men’s and women’s basketball teams are about a month into their seasons, with mixed results for both.

The men are off to a disappointing 3-5 start, which is last in the Mountain West Conference. But they are coming off an impressive 81-51 win last Saturday against Indiana State.

The Cowgirls are a solid 5-2, with both losses coming on the road.

Here are some interesting notes on both squads:

–According to CollegeRPI.com, the Cowboys’ RPI as of today is 276 out of 345 teams. Surprisingly, that’s not the worst among MWC teams. Colorado State is 292.

–The Cowgirls’ RPI, according to RealTimeRPI.com is 48. New Mexico is the top MWC team at 33.

–The Cowboys are third in the MWC in free-throw shooting (69.3 percent), but are second-to-last in rebounding margin (minus-2.8 per game) and assists (10.38 per game)

–The Cowboys’ average home attendance is 3,819, compared to 3,267 for the Cowgirls.

–The Cowgirls lead the MWC in defensive rebounding (32.9 rpg) and are second in rebounding margin (plus-6.3).

–The MWC has handed out player of the week honors each of the last four weeks. On the men’s side, three of them have gone to San Diego State (twice for forward Kawhi Leonard and this past week to forward Malcolm Thomas. The women’s award has gone to four different players.

The UW men play at UC-Irvine at 8 p.m. Friday night. The women play the second of a four-game homestand at 2 p.m. Saturday against Westminster College out of Salt Lake City.

3 thoughts on “Hoops news and notes

  1. The womens team is doing about as well as expected; is largely competitive, and will continue to be, but they are not in the same league as UNLV and SDS on a number of obvious levels including athleticism and raw basketball talent. Hopefully they will continue to perform and perhaps get a postseason bid as Legerski is clearly on the ball and knows how to put together a team with young women who clearly demonstrate their primary purpose for attending the University of Wyoming is earning at least their bachelors’ degrees.
    Concerning the mens team, almost entirely the opposite is strongly true and evident. 9-22 is about the best fans can hope for this season. Hopefully Buchanan and Burman will do the same thing Pat Bowlin did and cut their losses sooner than later, firing Shroyer before it gets much more ugly. Of course Buchanan and Burman should be dismissed by the Board of Trustees as well and as soon as possible. The leadership across the board at UW is quite poor and largely incompetent, and Shroyer embodies that in the greatest of ways under this failing bureaucracy.

  2. Very interesting to see that the cowboys don’t have the lowest RPI in the conference. I was able to watch their last game had was very impressed with how they played. It was the first game that I had seen this year, so I had nothing to compare to. Still a very good win though. Hopefully the cowboys (and cowgirls) can gain more support and get that attendance to a more respectable level, like the 6-7,000 range. Although 5,000+ would be nice at this point.

    Go Pokes!

  3. RG-

    Skelton has nailed the case on the head. Buchanan is worthless and Burman not far behind him. Seal the deal, Board- this is not about beauracracy it’s about recognition and responsibility.
    Looking forward to the end of Schroyer and Burman and Buchanan.

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