Carta-Samuels won’t return to UW

Wyoming junior-to-be quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels won’t return to the Cowboys, and has enrolled at a junior college.

Carta-Samuels, a two-year starter, was the Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year in 2009 as he led UW to a 7-6 record and New Mexico Bowl victory.

The story broke on this this afternoon, and here is an e-mail Carta-Samuels sent me and Casper Star-Tribune writer Eric Schmoldt a few minutes ago:

Hello Mr. Gagliardi and Mr. Schmoldt,

I have arrived at a very difficult decision, one that effects my status as a Cowboy and as a student at the University of Wyoming. With a great deal of humility and a heavy heart, I will be leaving the University of Wyoming and the Cowboy Football Team effective immediately. I have enrolled as a full time student in a Junior College. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to compete as a Cowboy, the support from the Laramie community, and the camaraderie with my teammates. To the Wyoming fans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and acceptance of me. I will genuinely miss the Laramie Community, the pride, and tradition!

Finally, please know that I have made this decision for personal reasons and that I have no regrets. This is the best decision for my growth and success going forward. There may well be speculation as to why I am leaving, I would simply state, with conviction, that I have given my heart and soul to the program and will always wish the very best for Poke Nation and the Wyoming Cowboys.


Austyn Carta-Samuels

UW just sent its official release out on the matter, and here are quotes from coach Dave Christensen:

“I had met with Austyn (Carta-Samuels) at the end of the season,” said Christensen.  “After our meeting, he had indicated he was excited to be a Cowboy, and had already signed up for his spring lifting schedule. 

      “While it is disappointing to our team and Wyoming fans that Austyn has made this decision, if you are in this business long enough as a coach you face situations where young men choose to transfer.  We wish Austyn the best in his future.

      “As coaches, it is important for us to focus on the young men who are here in our program working hard to build for a successful season in 2011.  We have a number of very good leaders returning for next year, and as I’ve said before, I am extremely excited about the recruiting class that we are putting together this year.”

Christensen told me the same thing about Carta-Samuels in early December when I sat down with him for an interview for a season-ending analysis piece.

12 thoughts on “Carta-Samuels won’t return to UW

  1. Ouch! And now CU gets a visit from our best qb committ. So RG, any thoughts as to where we go now and why all our starters are bolting?

    • As far as where UW goes now, it goes with youth. Christensen told me tonight he’s not going to sign another QB in this class.

      The Smith kid from Oregon is on campus and you would think has shot since he will go through spring. Emory Miller Jr. and Sam Stratton redshirted, but are they options? I don’t see it based on what I saw from them on the scout team.

      As for guys leaving, I think all had different stories and circumstances. Watts left because he choose not to go to class. Tooley and Gary had their own separate issues, and now it appears ACS does, too. I will say DC’s program appears to be demanding in terms of what’s expected on and offseason, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I think each kid has different circumstances. All play different positions.


  2. Completely ridiculous, how in the hell can the foundation of a program leave with a heavy heart? What is going on with our mens athletic programs? Wheres Burman? Who has the answers?

  3. I am so disappointed I can’t even see straight! Shame on you Austin! Shame on you for not being able to stick to your commitment. You were a true leader yoyur freshman year and you were the anchor to this team. On national tv you tell all our recruits “you must be crazy if you don’t want to be a part of this”. And then you go and completely desert this team. Very disappointing.
    RG, which recruit went to visit CU? The kid from Illinois? He looks pretty good. Are we seriously going to have to start a freshman next year?

    • Hi Joe,

      Adam Pittser, the QB from Illinois is scheduled to visit Colorado this weekend according to

      Coach Christensen told me Monday night he doesn’t plan on signing another QB in this class. If Pittser decommits, wonder if that will change. I would assume so.

      Whether it’s a true freshman or redshirt freshman, it does look like there will be a freshman starting QB for the Pokes.


  4. In my opinion, the thing that hurts so much is that ACS seemed to be really smart with the ball. He didnt make many mistakes. Trust me, I am from Iowa, and Ricky Stanzi can be the most frustrating qb because he makes a lot of mistakes. It seemed to me that ACS did a good job of making good decisions.
    I guess I have to remind myself that we have CC and he will take care of Pittser Smith, Miller or whoever the starter is.
    Well RG, the pressure is now on you. You gotta live up to your rep and continue to give us all the info:). Especially at spring and fall camp. I am going to be curious who comes out the starter.

    • There certainly isn’t a dull moment with this team, is there? LOL

      Should be an interesting spring and fall camp.

  5. Boy, things are not rosy for men’s basketball and football. Although I liked the result of Saturday’s basketball game that program is in dissarray competitively. Now football gets dealt a serious, serious blow. Starting a redshirt or true freshman at QB changes the complexion of next year instantly. Burman better get these situations straightened out, with some accountability by all, or he’s going to start getting some heavy pressure. How many years can you be rebuilding in each before the excuses fall on deaf ears and empty seats (like basketball). Schroyer has to be fired to get that program headed once again in a different direction than down. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Unfortunate but true. I’d like to see an article from President Buchanan with a candid assessment of the athletic department and what is transpiring.


  7. Appears someone should start looking at Dave Christensen and his practices. Several players have left the program within the last 2 years. Is it his politics, lack of respect for players and others, or just down right stupid.
    We have the starting quarterback quiting; starting safety also quit; the kicker quit, and a coach.

    My questions is Christensen what are you doing!!!!!!

    Are you a disgruntled coach with no feeling or respect for your staff or players. I think yes.

    When you have so many walking out and then you go the extra mile to make it hard for them to get classes and get them kicked out of school on some bogus crap…. What is the President of the school doing sitting on his hands or twiddling his thumb maybe both….
    Wake up WYO you have great potential in your players past and present. How many more have to quit before you wake up. Maybe the entire team.
    Boy have I been letting everyone know how Christensen as a coach treats his players.
    Blocking classes and making sure they can’t play anywhere else.
    I hope Arizona sees this and never hires you as a coach….

  8. As much as everyone I am sad to see this kid transfer @ the same time it is part of the “business”. In 1992 we saw All Conference safety Brian Bowker leave the team along with several players who were set to make a big impact on that team and a year later that team won the Conference Championship. Maybe this kid truly had personal problems or maybe he was not fond of the coach. Wyoming football has always moved on and must continue to move on and do what they have done in the past. Find those kids that seem to have a chip on their shoulders i.e. the Ryan Yarborough’s, Marcus Harris, and Ryan Christopherson’s. We know that Wyoming football has to get back to what it was in the 80’s and 90’s and part of that is having an offense that puts up points.

    • Good comment Terry, and if this “the tank” that I remember when I was in college there, UW could use more running backs like you, too. : )

      Thanks for your interest and comment on the blog. Take care.


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