Burman Q&A Part I

Here is the first of my four-part question-and-answer interview with Wyoming athletics director Tom Burman: http://tinyurl.com/4kdesna

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Here are links to the Cowboys and Cowgirls games from Saturday against Air Force:



4 thoughts on “Burman Q&A Part I

  1. RG,
    Great article! I look forward to reading the other parts. It sounds like you put him on the spot a few times, nice! Whats your opinion if the rumors of bring Shyatt back?
    Best Wishes,

    • I don’t have any rumors, but I believe Shyatt would get a look if (when) UW makes a coaching change. The two big questions about that in my eyes are:

      1. Would the UW administration (Buchanan, trustees) be OK with a coach that sued the university after he left?
      2. Does Shyatt have the energy and want-to to do this job?

      Thanks for the kind words Ron, I appreciate it.


  2. Good article Robert. I think in regards to a new coach, he will go with a up and coming guy. LS would be fine with me but dont think that will happen. I would like to see Billy Gillespie get a look but thats a stretch as well.
    I really like Dave Rice from byu.He has been Rose right hand man awhile and I think he’s ready for his own gig. hopefully in Laramie.


    • Gillespie can coach, but he sure does have a history on and off the court that I’m not sure UW’s higher-ups want to deal with. Perhaps those are in the past, but I have a feeling even if Gillespie was interested in this job his past may keep him from getting it.

      I like Dave Rice, too. Knows the MWC and knows how to recruit.

      Thanks for the kind words.


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