A failure to communicate

Wyoming allowed only 23 points in the firstĀ half against UNLV, its lowest total in league play. The Rebels made only nine field goals and were 2 of 14 from 3-point range.

But in the second half UNLV shot 65.6 percent (21 of 32), outscored UW 51-34 and won 74-65.

How did UW go from being so good to so bad? Because of the end of the floor they were on.

“A lot of it was us not communicating (defensively), and in the second half we were on defense toward (UNLV’s) bench and we don’t have coach there and our bench there helping us out on defense,” junior point guard JayDee Luster said. “We need to communicate that much more on defense and we didn’t do that.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard a UW player say this about a poor defensive effort. It’s a little surprising to me at this point of the season this is still an issue. Coach Heath Schroyer acknowledged it, and was careful how he described his thoughts on it.

“It’s been a real issue for us all year,” he said. “A lot of times in the first half I’m there and I can call out everything and what’s coming. In the second half I’m not there, and this team hasn’t figured out or isn’t mature enough yet to really go out in the second half and be able to do that. I think JayDee was right in that was a big difference.”

A few notes from the game:

–UW’s nine turnovers tied for the third-fewest this season.

–Sophomore forward Amath M’Baye’s 13 points put him in double figures for the fourth straight game.

–Luster had a season-high eight assists, and his only turnover came late in the second half.

–All five UW starters scored before the first media timeout of the game.

For more on this game, see Wednesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle www.wyomingnews.com and Laramie Boomerang www.laramieboomerang.com

3 thoughts on “A failure to communicate

  1. sounds to me like another half time butt chewing got another shut down, drag your feet, effect from the boys, and what does he mean he wasn’t there on defense in the second half, are you telling me there is so many people screaming that the kids can’t hear him. that’s plum stupid..
    FIND ANOTHER WAY. How hard is that, he’s screaming at them all the time anyway,just scream something smart. Geeze, I guess it’s time for the New Orleans paper bags.

  2. Robert worked swing shift over here in the coalmine last night, did’t get to watch the game live jast night. When I got home the mountain channel was replaying the game. How embarassing the crowd, I’ll bet there wasn’t 500 people there.The Universty would be better served to ask the MTN channel to not put our home games on.Right now Wyoming, TCU home games should not be on tv. On the radio in the background all you here is Schoryer yelling, cheerleaders sounds like a highschool basketball game on the radio.. Please some body help this once proud program..

    • UW and a lot of schools wish it was that easy to simply request the TV partners not to televise their home games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

      The crowd was sparse, as it has been all season. Don’t see it getting any better, either. It’s sad right now. Sounds like you had a better time working swing shift last night than the Pokes did in the second half. Haha.

      Don’t work too hard and take care.


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