Lee swtiches from UW to Tulsa

Wyoming lost a verbal commitment in football Thursday when defensive tackle Gary Lee (6-5, 285) from Victory Christian High in Tulsa, Okla., changed his mind and committed to Tulsa.

Here is the short article out of the Tulsa World: http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/TU/article.aspx?subjectid=94&articleid=20110128_94_B5_CUTLIN696163

You see this happen a lot of football recruiting. When a school sees a recruit in its own backyard commit to another school, it often makes a late push for that kid. UW did that in coach Dave Christensen’s first recruiting class in 2009 with Gillette’s Spencer Bruce. Bruce verbally committed to Southern Mississippi, but not long before signing day changed his mind and signed with the Cowboys.

Right or wrong, ethical or not this is a big part of college recruiting.

UW still has 18 verbal commitments and six other players signed and enrolled in school. Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys get a verbal commitment from a high school defensive back this weekend, which is the final weekend recruits can visit prior to signing day on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Lee swtiches from UW to Tulsa

  1. RG,
    Like it or not you are right this type of thing is an on going process… I will say that DC has a great couple of years recruiting for us in my mind…. looking at all the so called Stars from rivals… most of the 2 stars are close to being 3 stars in this years class….. I would guess that if they were at a different school some if not all of them would be 3 stars…


    • Perhaps,

      Will be curious to see if all these stars by these kids’ names means results on the field. But it’s fun to see and talk about now, isn’t it? LOL

      Thanks as always Steve.


  2. Air Force just announced they will be playing the Michigan Wolverines at Ann Arbor in the opening weeks of 2012. It would not be surprising whatsoever to see the AFA Falcons pull an upset over Michigan in Ann Arbor. East Coast media types, particularly on ESPN, would be aghast, but those of us that follow Air Force always have a quiet and proud confidence in them no matter who their opponent is and where the game is.
    Lets hope Wyoming gets a big time game at either Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Penn State, or Ohio State sometime down the road when the Cowboys are at a point where they are among the best clubs in the MWC. We don’t want to see them doing the New Mexico State approach, going places while they are hapless and repeatedly getting pummeled. Even getting a game at Indiana or Minnesota would surely be an ugly defeat in the next few years with kind of team we can expect to have.

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