28 thoughts on “Live Chat – Football Signing Day

  1. RG,
    I have question for you, I see where another recruiting site has a LB from texas, Kevin Palin I beleive is his name as a commit…. can you ask about this or if you know that would be great… do you think we will have some walk on’s in the mix and maybe he is one possible WO.


    • I will check but he might be a walk-on. But as signing day nears often times schools scramble to sign or get commits from the best available athletes. He could be a walk-on and I know coach Christensen wants to upgrade the walk-ons in the program. But walk-ons won’t be announced during signing day.

      Thanks Steve,


    • Steve,

      Just checked with a source of mine and Palin is not in the picture with UW — not as a verbal commitment or walk-on.


  2. RG,
    Thanks… he’s been on the other site as of 5/2010…. never heard anything from local sourse so I figured it was not solid….look forward to weds….

  3. Gigs I remember in the good ol brandenburg days when we had good basketball teams and great crowds the football coach allways scheuled recruit visits ,during home games , a great recruiting tool to have.Now they don’t get with in 2 miles of the place. maybe bring to a cowgirls game see what excitment really is.

    • I know football doesn’t make it a point to bring recruits to basketball games. They have at times, but they fill their days with a lot of other stuff. I do know that they still take players snowmobiling. I think they still like that.

  4. RG,
    Is their anyone reporting as to who has sent in the paperwork, is this just going to be something that is going to be done at the meeting this evening… would be nice for someone to let us know where everything stands.


    • UW wouldn’t let us in as the letters came in, but a source told me everyone has signed. No surprises.


  5. I see where CJC came in and reported all signed for us…. good to see… I’m pretty excited .
    By the way do you know if DC is going to repace coach Jerry on the line or will someone else
    step in and fill that position?


    • I’m hearing a replacement could be named today to replace Jerry. If not today it will be soon.

  6. Why in the world do I have to pay to watch the press conference today! I have been paying all year being a cowboy basketball fan!!! 🙂 I wish they would just let us watch the darn thing! Come on RG!!! Pull some strings and get the live stream fed to us for free! 🙂

      • Speaking of paying double…..any word on a buyout for Schroyer and a a replacement in 5 weeks?????

        Go Pokes

        • Buyout will be around $360,000 to $400,000 based on the last three years of his base salary. Could be prorated based on the timing of a move (if one is made).

          I can tell you if a move is made Burman will keep an open mind in terms of the next coach.

  7. I’m very curious what happened to Malkaam Muhammad! it does’nt say he’s signed, we need him. we loose him, count on Ghaali transferring!

    • I was told by a source he was off UW’s radar for quite a while and likely will enroll in a JC. Rivals kept listing him as a committment but he wasn’t for some time. Had nothing to do with UW doing something wrong. Don’t look for Ghaali to transfer.


        • He didn’t dodge UW. I think in the process he fell off UW’s radar. If he’s going to a JC then there’s likely some academic issues and UW probably didn’t want to roll the dice with that right now.

  8. Are they happy with 24 – or are they going to add a 25th signee? Maybe someone who was blindsided by oversigning somewhere else?

    • No hurry to add a 25th at this point. Will wait until the dust settles, or even right before fall camp starts

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