Tough times for UW hoops

I’m not trying to make light of the downtrodden Wyoming men’s basketball team right now. The Cowboys (8-13, 1-6) are coming off a 96-57 loss at No. 7 San Diego State, have lost five straight and face another top 10 team Wednesday in No. 8 Brigham Young.

Coach Heath Schroyer was asked Monday what’s happended to his team in conference play.

“I think it’s a combination of us having tough timing,” he said. “We’ve been injured and really banged up when we’ve gone on the road playing teams similar to we are. The league has never been this good. It’s a tough year to have some tough luck. It’s tough luck to be young, and a tough year to go through some tough luck.”

That’s a lot of use for the word “tough.”

It’s also tough when you’re last in the Mountain West Conference in scoring (66 ppg), field-goal percentage (43.8 percent), 3-point shooting (28.1 percent) and 3-point shooting defense (39.9 percent).

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8 thoughts on “Tough times for UW hoops

  1. things will be tough all over pretty soon shroyer, maybe craigs list can find u a job

  2. How about “Tough times don’t Last, Tough People Do” Robert Schuler.
    Unfortunately for Heath, he won’t- not tough enough. The fat lady is clearing her throat.

  3. Gigs, here’s what I don’t understand. Schoryer and Rose coached together at BYU, under Steve Cleveland. Now I know BYU has the great Jimmer,but watch BYU play ,they are so much more fundermentlly sound in all areas of the game then us. I don’t know if they live in the gym while our guys call it quites when the season over or what. The thing I admireer about those BYU kids it’s a privledge to play and go to school therefor them, they ‘ed go head first into a brick wall for that school. Ithink our kids think were lucky to have there services,they don’t treat it like a honor to come to wyoming, but what they don’t realize is most of them was not that heavy recruited if I remember,they should fell glad there getting a free education,COME ON COWBOYS GIVE US OVER HERE IN SOUTHWESTERN WYOMING SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF. CAN’T STAND BYU OVER HERE.

  4. Robert, It is very painful to watch the Cowboys on TV let alone at home. As a Vandy alum, my first love is SEC basketball. The SEC, particularly 20 years ago – when the only major sports for most of the schools were Fall Football and Spring Football – had some bad basketball teams; however, I can’t remember ever seeing a worse 2 seasons as the last 2 seasons of the Pokes.

    The players either don’t fit Coach Schoryer’s system or he and his fellow coaches are doing a poor job in coaching these guys to play as a team.

    I feel for other Cowboy fans, at least I have my ‘Dores.

  5. Rg,
    I can’t believe we have to read or hear this…. what about we can’t hit the jump shot, we are not defending properly and the coaching staff is not doing a good enough job in practice….Heath…. I have some thing for you, quit throwing the kids under the bus and take responsibility for this performance.


  6. I have gone on technical rants about the Cowboys for the past 3 seasons. Doing so any longer would be pointless. Just as the Wyoming Cowboys taking the floor against anyone is futile. And please don’t tell me that I am a fair weather fan. I love the Pokes just as much as any fan, and that is why I will not support them one bit until major changes are made. This is a once proud program that is being held hostage by Tom Burman because he is still holding out hope that his hire will turn it around. Delusional.

    • nice comment JD. Delusional, Burman is delusional…..and Schroyer should be committed.

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