Top UW-BYU basketball games

There isn’t much talk that Wednesday likely will be the last Wyoming-BYU men’s basketball game in Laramie, or at least for quite a while.

BYU moves to the West Coast Conference next season in hoops and most other sports, and will be an independent in football.

UW’s current basketball struggles has most to do with such little fanfare for Wednesday’s game. At 8-13 overall, 1-6 in the MWC and coming off a 39-point loss at No. 7 San Diego State last Saturday, most wonder how bad it will be Wednesday against No. 8 BYU.

The Cowboys have lost 11 straight to the Cougars dating back to 2005. The average margin of victory during that time for BYU has been about 13 points, and 17.5 points in the last five.

Good riddance if this is the last time UW sees BYU in Laramie, right?

But what is your favorite UW-BYU men’s basketball game or memory?

Even though I was only 11 years old at the time, my favorite was in 1982 when UW won at BYU 27-25.That win went a long way to helping the Cowboys get to the NCAA Tournament that year.

Other good ones include the last time UW swept BYU in the regular season, which was in 2005.

Steve McClain’s last game as UW’s coach was a loss to BYU in the semifinals of the MWC tournament in 2007. Not a favorite memory, but a memorable one.

Would love to hear yours.

See Wednesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang www.laramieboomerang.comfor more on Wednesday’s game, including a look at what people are saying about BYU senior guard Jimmer Fredette, a candidate for Player of the Year in the country. Is he the best player to have played in the Arena-Auditorium? Would love to know your thoughts on that.

Also, the UW and BYU women play for first place in the MWC Wednesday. And, Wednesday is signing day for UW football. Look for a story on two of UW’s newest players from Germany in Wednesday’s papers. Also join me at 4 p.m. Wednesday for a live chat about the signing class and anything else UW related. See the top of this blog for the direct link.

7 thoughts on “Top UW-BYU basketball games

  1. I can’t say that I have too many great BYU-UW memories, even from my days there in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. My memories are of touch fouls on BYU big men, Arrujo in particular and then the hack a shack that Josh Davis would receive on the other end. It continued with a big man named Nelson I think.

  2. When BYU Coach Frank Arnold called Wyoming fans “despicable” following his team’s loss in 1981 to the Cowboys led by Ken Ollie and Tub Bradley in the old Fieldhouse. Don’t believe Poke fans cared that relations never got better afterward between Wyoming and BYU.

  3. My favorite BYU-Wyo game was in 2005 in Provo when the Cowboys had a three-point lead and a BYU player (Austin Ainge, I think) was fouled behind the three-point line with no time left. Swish, Swish, Clank, UW wins by a point.

  4. I doubt that one can safely say that Fredette is the best player to play in the A-A simply because there have been so many really good players that have come through–both for Wyoming and for our opponents. Keith Van Horn was very good. I would still take our own Fennis Dembo over just about anyone I have seen since. Who played for some of our out of conference opponents that came into the A-A over the years?

    Favorite BYU memory: Although the game was a bust, I liked the build up to the sellout in 1995 when BYU came into town while I was a student. We had line up a couple hours before gametime just to get a seat.

  5. Best game, bar none, was UW’s double-overtime win over BYU in 1981. The game featured Danny Ainge and Charles Bradley and Ken Ollie. It was played on the old dirt-floored fieldhouse. BYU was nationally ranked, Wyoming was struggling to be ranked, and still had an outside shot at the WAC championship. Wyoming seemed hopelessly out of the game, down by 4 with a minute left, but managed to get the game into overtime, in part because of Ainge missing a wide-open shot just before the buzzer. When UV finally won, the fans poured out on the floor and the fieldhouse went into pandemonium. Even the utterly disgraceful antics of the UW fans, hurling obsenities, pummeling BYU players with debris, huling cups on the floor after seemingly ever basket, can’t take away from the drama of this game or the high level of competition and emotion. UW went on to tie for the WAC title and made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

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