Arroyo knows young QBs

Now that signing day has come and gone at Wyoming, what’s next?

First, here’s the link to the official UW release on the signees:

How about trying to figure out who will start at quarterback. Right now redshirt freshman Emory Miller Jr. and true freshman Brett Smith will get the first look when spring drills begin March 5.

True freshman Adam Pittser, UW’s highest touted recruit, comes in later this summer. In fact, some recruiting services rate Pittser as the highest-rated recruit UW ever signed. He is the fifth-best QB in the nation according to in terms of arm strength, and 19th-best dual threat QB in the nation.

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks cocach Marcus Arroyo knows what it’s like to work with young quarterbacks. He helped Austyn Carta-Samuels emerge as the starter in the fourth game in 2009 when Carta-Samuels was a true freshman.

Arroyo himself played as a true freshman when he was at San Jose State.

Arroyo said his ability to know what it’s like to play as a young quarterback and coach them were factors in why coach Dave Christensen hired him three years ago.

“I’ve coached one senior in eight years now,” Arroyo said. “I’ve never had a guy longer than two years. Building a guy and helping mold him into what we need in a quality athlete and a competitor (is what I need to do).”

So what approach will Arroyo take with his three young QBs moving forward? Will it change based on the fact Carta-Samuels left the team for personal reasons after the 2010 season after being a two-year starter?

“The same approach we took last year,” he said. “These guys and are coming in fresh. We know a lot about their character and who they are because we recruited them. We haven’t seen them on the field yet, but we’re excited about that.”

UW is only a month into off-season workouts, and coaches have been busy recruiting up until nonw. They won’t have a lot of contact with their players until spring drills. Still, Arroyo likes what he sees in Miller Jr. and Smith.

“Both are good workers. Both have some skills that we believe fit the system,” Arroyo said. “We’ve seen Brett for four weeks now. He’s been working out and running. He is what we thought it he would be. He’s athletic, a good-looking kid, solid and wants to be great.

“Emery is athletic and does some real good things in the spread system. He’s very comfortable back there in it. We will see what they do in the spring.”


Christensen started off UW’s signing day presentation by giving out some rankings about this year’s class from

He said the Cowboys had the top linebacker class in the MWC, and that Pittser and LB/DE Eddie Yarbrough from Colorado are two of the highest-rated recruited to ever sign at UW since the inception of

Christensen said the kicking class was the 10th-best in the nation, and that long snapper Zach Ewen was the only UW signee to ever have played in the Under Armour All-American game.

The linebacking class was 26th nationally and the receiver class was 38th — all according to

And, the eight three-star recruits signed was the most in school history. UW inked six last year.

But all that matters to Christensen is this: “Is the guy good enough to win and win at a high level, and are they a good fit?”

In his mind, this class is all that.

For more from signing day, see Thursday’s Wyoming Tribune-Eagle and Laramie Boomerang

6 thoughts on “Arroyo knows young QBs

  1. RG,
    We only signed 24.. who did not sign or who is going to grey shirt or what… I thought we had 25 ?


    • Ghaali Muhammad’s brother was listed as a commitment for quite a while by Rivals, but he didn’t sign and I was told by a close source that he hadn’t been on UW’s radar for quite a while. Sounds like he will go to a JUCO.

      But back when this process started UW was expected to sign 24 kids and give a walk-on a scholarship. Might be on the Wyoming kids like Hartford, Meredith or Woodward. Cowboys could see how things shake down after signing day to see what’s out there, or see what happens right before fall camp like they did with Herron and Aiken, too. But from what Christensen told me they are at where they thought and need to be now with signees.

  2. RG,
    any insight into the posting on the MWC board that Sonny Lubick, former CSU head coach is now on DC staff? Could just be a rumor but would be very interesting if true…

  3. As crazy as it sounds, I would be giddy if Sonny Lubick was on the Wyoming staff! Yes, this is just a silly rumor, sounds kinda out there, but then hey, wasn’t ACS leaving just as crazy of a rumor? 🙂 Sonny is a legendary coach, he’s been to the top of the mountain (pun intended) with ties to the region, he would benefit the Wyoming program (just as coach Hammerschmidt, I believe benefited Wyoming in the 2009 season). I live in Colorado with long time ties to Wyoming and I root for CSU when they are not playing the Cowboys! BUT, dig out my Green and Gold for the Mile High Showdown, I root for CSU just as hard as I do for the Pokes when they play CU. With Sonny, you have that regional connection between the two schools and like my dad always said, “The CSU-Wyoming FB game is the best in-State rivalry in Colorado” (since historically Wyoming has had so many players from Colorado, UW has more Colorado talent than CU).
    Again, if true (and this Poke fan approves), adding Sonny only adds to the great history between CSU and Wyoming! I can’t wait to get a picture with Sonny wearing Cowboy Brown and Gold! Awesome!

  4. RG,
    I have heard that Marcus has been rumored going to CaL and we hired OC. At least that is what Eric S. is saying on his blog.
    Looks like the coaches are going to switch a little and who nows, Sonny may not be in the mix. I think DC called Sonny before he was hired to ask about the UW job and other things didn’t he?


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