Schroyer talks about negativity

Wyoming coach Heath Schroyer wasn’t happy his team lost 69-62 at home to No. 8 Brigham Young Wednesday.

But he was pleased with the effort from his team, and the overall execution.

UW held BYU to 15 points below its scoring average, and caused senior point guard Jimmer Fredette to have his worst shooting game of the season. He was 7 of 21 from the field, but 10 of 11 from the line including a huge three-point play with 47.6 seconds to play.

The Cowboys are 8-14 overall, have lost six in a row and are in last place in the MWC at 1-7.

Not a lot to be positive about, despite a gutsy effort tonight.

“It’s been a very negative environment around this program for a month, and that’s been very taxing on these kids,” Schroyer said. “I’m really proud of them and how they came out tonight and really executed.”

“There’s been a lot of things that’s been out of this team’s control for a year and a half. When your limited on who you can play in practice and who you  an play in a game, and the league becomes the fourth-best league in the country, you’re going to struggle at times.

“I’m proud of our guys. This is a high-character group and has stuck together. It’s just very unfortunate the negativity that has surrouned this program for a month. It is what it is. Our kids have really battled and stayed together.”

Any thoughts on that?


Some other notes and quotes from the game:

–“I didn’t really get it going, our team didn’t really get it going great tonight, but we were able to get a win,” Fredette said. “Sometimes you just don’t play well. We didn’t shoot the ball well (40.7 percent and 5 of 24 from 3-point range) and Wyoming was ready to play and had a great game plan.”

–Schroyer said BYU sophomore forward Brandon Davies is “next pro” on the Cougars’ roster. He was good against UW with 20 points and nine rebounds.

–Schroyer said junior center Adam Waddell had an MRI on his foot prior to the game Wednesday. Waddell played, but only 11 minutes off the bench with no points and three rebounds. Kind of weird to have an MRI the same day you play a game, isn’t it? Would hate to see another injury setback for Waddell.

–Schroyer also said sophomore forward Brian Gibson didn’t play due to back spasms.

–“I kept emploring our team to don’t play not to lose, we have to play to win. I thought we did that. I can’t fault our effort,” Schroyer said.

–Senior forward Djibril Thiam scored 12 points for his first double-digit scoring game in league play this season. He also had three blocked shots and is now tied for ninth place in school history with 82.

–Junior guard Francisco Cruz matched a career-high with 16 points and had a career-best nine rebounds. More impressively, he played all 40 minutes for the fourth time this season.

–The attendance of 5,131 was the first over 5,000 for UW this season, and largest of the season as well. There were times where the crowd was really into the game. I also noticed more BYU fans than normal. Many of them waited after the game to get Fredette’s autograph.

For more on this game, a complete recap of football signing day and an interesting historical piece on UW men’s hoops by Bob Hammond see Thursday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang

10 thoughts on “Schroyer talks about negativity

  1. Geez Gigs coach schoryer probally taking about people like me,I’ll be the first to say the kids gave a great effort tonight. As a long time pokes fan is all I ask is give it all you got every night. The man defense in my opion was what had them hustling all game. Thought Am-Baye on jimmer in second half was good move on schoryer’s part.

  2. RG,
    I’m sure that every Poke fan in the country feel the same way… its not the kids we are faulting.
    Heath take a look at yourself, you and the coaching staff. This is why the fan base is upset. What the kids do for 40 min is all about what game plan you put together…… its not about the kids, its about how they perform under your system and you are the coach…..that is it.
    I guess you just don’t get it….. WOW.


  3. RG-

    Schroyer once again is trying to get his stock to rise. News to him is that, YES…the kids played hard. Yet the facts are we are extremely beat up. Afam is done, and I predicted w/ a friend of mine that Schroyer would sacrifice his own mother for a MWC win. Adam, are you kidding me…he’s half the player he was prior to this achiles injury and now he’s on the floor the same night after a mri? Duly noted, dude- is your mother on the bench. Negativity, absolutely have you looked at your record Heath? Tough Luck, well according to great Coach’s there is no luck.. just preparation and hard nosed effort. Good fortune comes from those very tangible elements.
    I’ll give you tough luck, Schroyer is officially done asap! Then you can find out about negativity. If we had any leadership at all these kids that Heath and staff have recruited, would be sitting on a considerably better record and at least a .500 record in the MWC, even with the injuries that are present among pretty good players. Facts are facts, fairies are mythical and good fortune is not in the cards right now for this program or coaching staff. Go Pokes!

  4. How could we not be negative about the state of the program. Since H.S. took over his teams have set many UW records for futility. Margin of loss, # of loses at the AA, road loses,etc., etc. He coaches like he is at the local gym coaching 6th graders. I have never seen a major college coach stand the entire game and shout instructions – pass, shoot, stop, go, spin around, he needs to add rebound to his repertoire. I agree losing Afam and Adam is a bad break and we may have cut him some slack if he had shown the slightest bit of coaching acuity. He has some talent on this team that has not been developed. He has not developed roles for the players, has no discernible offense, the defense and rebounding are none existent. I will give an example. Have you ever seen them lineup and run an in-bounds play on the offensive end? I believe a good coach could take this same group of players and be very competitive in the MWC. We should be no worse than middle of the pack and very difficult to beat at home I guess he’s right, I am a little negative. Don;t let the door hit you in the ass H.S.

    • Actually do let the door hit you in the ##!, then Burman should lock the door and change the key today.


  5. I agree with many on here…we, the Wyoming faithful, are not spreading negativity about the players. We may gripe and complain a bit when they aren’t playing hard…but we all know that bottom line is the coach. The effort and performance seen on the court is a direct result of the coaching these talented young men recieve. A good coach would tell the team not to throw up a 3 from 8 feet beyond the arc with defender in his face. A good coach would teach basic offense and defense. A good coach would ensure that the team could run the court hard for 40 minutes at 7200 ft, to ensure we keep our home court advantage. These are all the basic complaints coming from the fan base….and they ALL fall back on our coach. Heath, stop passing the buck, and Cowboy-Up!

  6. Executed well? What the hell is the coach smoking? Went 7 straight possesions in the 1st half without even getting up a shot. 5 straight in second half with no shot! 12 possesions at 35% conversion rate is 8 points, at 50% is 12 points, not to mention about 50% of those turnovers led to layups by BYU. Simply terrible guard play and ball security!

  7. I think I broke my ottoman during the BYU game. I can’t believe how we just gave them 10-15 points on turnovers. The thing about this team is that they are extremely talented. We have some incredible players on this team. Thiam is rediculous when he wants to be, but rarely are our guys in position on the floor to do what they are capable. This is where the coaching has failed. I will say that Schroyer has a done a good job getting in good players. Obviously, we are a little thin in guard play, but I am confident with a new approach from a new coach, this team will be successful right away. I don’t think a whole lot of building needs to take place.

  8. Buchanan, Burman, and Shroyer cannot be dismissed soon enough. These three men embody failure and incompetence beyond all imagination.

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