Trying to get to Gillispie

Stuart Campbell, the attorney for former UTEP, Texas A&M and Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie offered no comment when asked if Gillispie was interested in the Wyoming job. Gillispie has been out of coaching since he was fired from Kentucky in 2009 and has a 140-85 career record.

A source who knows Gillispie told WyoSports Thursday the UW job “would be a place he would probably consider.” The source later added: “I think he’ll be interested.”

Phone messages for Gillispie were not returned Thursday.

In some other team news, junior point guard JayDee Luster didn’t practice because is hip was “really, really sore” after Wednesday’s loss at New Mexico.

13 thoughts on “Trying to get to Gillispie

  1. I have heard that there is a connection between AD Tom Burman and UNLV’s Lon Kruger…. Would this make Kruger’s top assistant Steve Henson a canidate? Rumor is Henson turned down the Marshall job last Spring and the Rice job two years ago, waiting on a Mountain West level job.

    • Couldn’t hurt. Henson is highly regarded from my sources. A lot of this is about connections.

  2. Will Wyoming’s interest in Gillispie peak the interest of other schools in need of a new coach? How realistic is it to think he could land in Laramie?

    • My guess that the chances are slim. You mentioned one reason. Have been told his past may be an issue as well. But you never know with these things. The guy is a good coach.

  3. Yes, I am an Illinois fan but also a college basketball fan in general. Here is my .02 worth. Heath Schroyer did a lot of things right, except win more games. I think Wyoming needs to think long term here and get a coach who can build on Schroyer’s improvements yet improve the winning: a solid X and O guy who at least has knowledge of the MWC and area plus can recruit the right players who fit. I can understand the Wyo fans not wanting anyone with BYU connections but dont let that get in the way of a good candidate, which it would appear Dave Rice is. Mike Dunlap and Steve Henson seem to also be possible fits. A darkhorse, his first name is Larry but he was an assistant at Air Force before Jeff Reynolds took over. I forget his last name.

    Larry Schyatt — Why ? he filed a law suit against your university.
    Billy Gillespie — Difficult to image him staying there long if he has success. Then you back to
    square one.

  4. JayDee Luster out with a sore hip ? When a team is 8-16, most players do not play through injuries. If Wyoming were 16-8, you can bet your bottom dollar Luster would be out there on the court being a teammate. I expect to see him shaking and grooving at the local rap bar later this weekend, which says it all.

    • Langley told me Thursday Luster was really sore and he wasn’t moving well that day. He made it sound like he might not play today.

  5. Hiring a coach that has been at BYU goes against everything that is Wyoming. We already had a coach that was from there, (Shroyer) and it is difficult enough to have to go thru this rehiring mess again without having to stomach taking another of BYU’s rejects.

  6. With UW’s loss of our men’s cross country team to a drunk driving accident in 2001, I think that it should be exceptionally difficult to hire a coach who has a DUI record as both an educational issue and from a public relations perspective.

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