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Been trying to get a hold of BYU assistant coach Dave Rice to gauge his interest in the Wyoming men’s basketball coaching job. His name is one of the many being thrown out there. Here’s what he said via e-mail Monday night:

“I was part of 2 interim staffs during my 11 years as an assistant at UNLV and so I understand that Coach Langley and his staff are working hard to help the players have a strong finish to their season.  In my mind there is currently a staff in place at Wyoming.  The players and staff don’t need the distraction of coaching speculation.  While I know that is inevitable, I have always made it a point to never comment on a job that is not available.  Likewise my entire focus now is helping Coach Rose and our staff prepare our team to play TCU on Saturday.”

Any thoughts? It’s been a week since UW fired Heath Schroyer. I’ve received no comments from Rice and Kansas assistant Joe Dooley, a no comment from the lawyer of Billy Gillispie (and he still hasn’t returned my phone calls) and have been turned down for an interview request from Florida assistant and former UW coach Larry Shyatt.

Got an e-mail today from a fan who thinks BYU women’s basketball coach Jeff Judkins should be considered. He played college hoops at Utah.

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  1. I think he’s interested. If he wasn’t, I think you would hear a “not interested” from him and not a lot of dancing around it.

    As for Judkins, never cared for him much, just to arrogant for me. jmo. Does he want to get back to the mens game? if so Utah may be opening at seasons end.

    • I have met Jeff Judkins only one time but he didn’t come off that way to me at all. His daughter Jenna married Whitney Neves from Burlington a couple years ago and I met his whole family at the reception, He has a beautiful wife and some nice kids, all pretty well grown. He seemed to me to enjoy coaching, no matter what gender, although we didn’t talk a lot of sports, except maybe pole vaulting. Whitney turned out to be a national top ten pole vaulter while at BYU and although you’ll never see me wearing blue and white I was pretty proud of the kid. Anyway, if Judkins is interested, I’m for giving him an interview at least, who knows what can happen, and it can’t be any worse than what we had.

  2. Yes, I have a comment: Who cares what I or anybody else thinks. Let the AD do his job. He’s obviously making a commitment by adding more dollars to attract quality coaches. There’s a reason no coach wants to comment or grant an interview. They have more important issues, like the teams they coach now. Let’s concentrate on supporting Langley and covering this team.

  3. A coach looking for work has to be careful Who in their right mind would want on their resume “applied at Laramie” and got a reply “no matter how bads things are here in Laramie we can do better than you” In these negotiations Laramie will have to go first. . Recruiting a reluctant coach ussully means more money is put on the table.

  4. Totally agree……this season is not over and lets all continue to support our men’s basketball as we all know this season was not pretty….we have plenty of time to chase a coach down….No wonder why the guys are frustrated, we are over looking them now and looking at the future….which, yes…I know we have to look ahead and build the department, but my goodness….the guys only have a few more games, they are not asking much from us to just support them throughout their season…all they want to do is play and have the fans support them…Plus, we have to support Langley right now no matter what. That is what a true fan does…always supports no matter what. I read this blog everyday and enjoy the interviews/stories and comments. I just hope all the Wyo fans continue to be fans no matter what happens…..

  5. Please no BYU coaches! I don’t have a problem with mormons(Marcus Bailey is one and he is great) but no one from BYU should coach at WY. I am sure D. Rice is a good coach, but does he fit at UW? Hell No!

  6. Gags-

    I like what Langley is doing with these kids. Energy, defensive pressure, a strategy with our limited rotation, Des off the bench. We have a couple holes in the team, but with Washington on the front line. Joey starting to get his mojo, and the outside chance of a 70-80% healthy Afam….we are maybe not hunting for the title, but supplanting CSU as a worthy threat for 3rd or 4th and a bitch at tourney time. Two issues: Paco is not quick enough, nor fast enough to play tight D…that is obvious. I like his character and his shot, but hes a liability on D. Jay Dee, I hate to say it but we need a real point….his energy and enthusiasm is one thing but he hurts us on match up…. So, may I be the first blogger to say, 2 year contract for Fred, keep Stewart…get rid of that other guy and find a quality young assistant. Enjoy.

    • I like the way the team is playing, too. Good or bad, the team does seem a bit re-energized or at least being more consistent with effort.

      I agree that the first priority needs to be a point guard, but if I were UW I wouldn’t count on Afam coming back that healthy. If he does, wonderful but banking on anything is too big of a risk. Look where that got UW this year.

      Fred has done a great job of keeping this group together, but I simply don’t see a scenario where he gets this job. I think Burman wants to start anew across the board. But you make good points. However, in this day and age I don’t know if a coach would ever come to a place on a two-year contract. Would be hard to recruit, especially in UW’s situation where it only has one scholarship for next seeason. Looking to the second year a lot of new players will come in and with a coach working on a on-year deal that would make it tough.

      Good points TJ. Thanks and have a good one.


  7. For those that say no to another assistant from byu, just because they coached at byu is just plain stupid. Dave Rice( who I don’t believe is lds and it doesn’t matter to me if he is) could very well be the best candidate for the job and to rule him out just because he coached there is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. People talk about second or third chances with someone like BCG or Larry Schyatt but not a coach from byu? come on people get over yourselves. I think BCG or Larry Schyatt would both be great coaches here and hope Burmans smart enough to look at ALL the candidates and not just the ones that didn’t coach at provo.

  8. RM, I agree with you for the most part except for Schyatt. I was an undergrad when Schyatt was hired and it was a great year. He seemed like a good coach, but I can’t see us going for a guy that ditched out after one year. I would prefer an established HC like Billy G but we’ll probably go for an assistant. I like how the kids are playing for Langley and briefly thought that he could be a good HC. However, I think we need to get some fresh blood in there with different recruiting ties. Maybe Langley can go out there and get an HC position somewhere and start to prove himself at a program.

  9. I thank coach Langley for the efforts and enthusiasm that have been displayed these last 3 games. I agree with another that he should get a shot especially if the pokes could win a couple games more and at least get past the pigtail game in the tourny. How about another crazy idea Mike Jackson Go Pokes

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