MWC coach likes what UW is doing with Jackson

For the last two games Wyoming interim men’s basketball coach Fred Langley has brought sophomore guard and leading scorer Desmar Jackson off the bench.

The biggest reason is to protect him from getting into early foul trouble in UW’s more aggressive style of defense. Still, Jackson fouled out of last Wednesday’s 80-70 loss at Utah and was saddled with foul trouble in the Cowboys’ 77-67 win over TCU on Feb. 12. Still, Jackson averaged 16 points and 7.5 rebounds per game in those contests, and enters Wednesday’s home game with Air Force averaging 15.2 points and five rebounds per game.

Langley will continue to bring Jackson off the bench, and one other Mountain West Conference coach likes that plan.

“I like having that guy that can come in and score that people have to prepare for,” Utah coach Jim Boylen said. “The thing about Desmar Jackson is you have to prepare for him. You have to prepare for him to come in and change the pace of the game and score the ball. A lot of times you might start your best defender, and now you might have to keep him in longer or substitute a little differently to get your best perimeter defender on (Jackson). Those are the kinds of decisions you have to make when you have a guy like that coming off the bench.

“I think he’s one of the most talented guys in the league. He’s still a young, developing player and can really get it going. But I’ve always liked that. I think it makes you harder to guard. If you get down early you have a guy that can come in and get you back in it. If you get up early you have a guy that can come in and extend the lead.”

Boylen, in his fourth year at Utah, knows all about this. He’s brought many of his leading scorers off the bench in recent years, including guard Carlon Brown last season and center Luke Nevill and couple of years ago. Shaun Green and Tyler Kepkay are other solid scorers Boylen has brought off the bench, and this season junior Chris Kupets comes off the bench and averaged eight points per contest.

For more about UW’s game with Air Force Wednesday, along with a UW-Air Force women’s preview, see Wednesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang

4 thoughts on “MWC coach likes what UW is doing with Jackson

  1. My oppion why jackson gets into foul trouble is he doesn’t move his feet on defense enough. He’s always letting the guy he’s gaurding go right by him . then he trys to steal or knock the ball loose from behind,the guy as he’s going past him you watch.He just doesn’t play with very much jntensity on defense for me .He seems like a very easy going kid, I guess that’s his personality. If he played as hard as luster,with his ability he would be all mwc for sure.If I was langley I would make jackson captain of the team maybe that would put a little more fire in him.

    • I don’t think defense ever has been a big part of Jackson’s game, even going back to high school. And, this new emphasis on defense or at least the defensive intensity is a big step for someone not used to it.

      Don’t know if making him a captain with four games left in the regular-season would help, but there lies part of the problem. There really isn’t any leadership on this team. Luster isn’t bad but Thiam is the only senior and it doesn’t come from them. More leadership wouldn’t erase all this teams’ struggles, but it might help in the overall process. Something the new coach will have to work on.

      Take care Jim, great to hear from you!!


  2. Dez is a special talent. Turnovers and intensity are his primary downfall. I predict a win tonight with or without Luster. The kids are playing with purpose and not looking to the bench for coaching, this makes them more reliant on their inherent abilities, which is the way they need to play. I like what Langley is doing, in spite of our short bench and current record.

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