UW pro timing day highlights

Five former Wyoming football players performed for nine NFL scouts Thursday during UW’s pro timing day at the school’s indoor practice facility.

Defensive backs Chris Prosinski and Marcel Gibson, receiver David Leonard, offensive lineman Sam Sterner and running back Wynel Seldon worked out in front of scouts from the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

The most anticipated drill was the 40-yard dash, and Prosinski had the fastest time at 4.42 seconds. All times were recorded on hand-held devices.

Prosinski has been training in Orlando, Fla., and said most of his training involved speed work.

“I was happy with that,” said Prosinski of his time.

After the drills, scouts worked extensively with Prosinski and Gipson doing a wide range of skill and agility drills specified for defensive backs. Prosinski was impressive in just about every drill he did.

Gipson said he ran a 4.45-second 40, but added he ran in soccer cleats hoping the lighter shoes would help his time. That wasn’t the case.

“I’ve got to wear the right shoes next time,” said Gipson, who will have another shot at a pro day at UW on March 24.

Seldon played at UW from 2005-08 and is the school’s third-leading rusher with 2,672 yards. When he left UW Seldon played for the Washington Redskins, and has had three different brief stays with the Buffalo Bills, and was last cut prior to the 2010 season.

Seldon currently lives in Dallas and just wants another chance to play in the NFL, whenever that may be with the pending lockout of players coming up at midnight tonight.

“I felt like I was in good shape and executed the drills pretty well,” said Seldon, who ran a 4.53 40. “I wanted to show teams I’m still in shape and ready to go. I wanted to come up here and re-market myself.”

Leonard ran a 4.54 40 and said he liked the chance to out and compete with former teammates. He would like a chance to play at the next level as much as the next guy, but also is trying not to put too much pressure on himself.

“I had a few drops I’d like to have back, but hopefully someone will like what they saw and give me a shot,” he said. “With high pressure on a day like this with scouts and fans watching, you just have to keep your composure and realize it’s just football. This is stuff you’ve been doing for years. You need to believe in your work and believe in your skills.”

Several fans attended the event, along with a lot of current UW players and coaches.

6 thoughts on “UW pro timing day highlights

  1. any truth to the rumor on Mike Dunlap as new Coach to Wyoming’s Mens Basketball?
    The rumor mill is buzzing…thanks Robert.

    • From what I’ve gathered Dunlap is a candidate, and possibly a high candidate. But I’ve heard that with a couple of other guys (Shyatt and Dooley).

      I think it’s too early to put his name on the office door, but it does appear he very much in the mix.


  2. Do you know how much Jeremy Cox is being considered for the job? Secondly What do you think of the Football schedule that came out and the fact that the CSU game is in December?

    • I think Cox could still be in the running, but I believe there are other candidates ahead of him at this point (Shyatt, Dooley, Dunlap).

      I think the football schedule is managable. The two bye weeks will be interesting after none last season. I think both UW and CSU had issues with the Border War being played over Thanksgiving weekend because students were gone and it affected the crowd. The college football calender worked out for the game to be in early December. I don’t have a problem with it, and still think it’s good that the game is played on the last weekend of the regular-season.

      What do you think of the schedule?

  3. I am a big fan of how the schedule turned out. Having two byes will be very helpful. On a different note have you heard if the University is trying to submitted a bid to try and host a WNIT game?

    • I agree with you on the schedule Scott,

      Based on past history and how well UW has drawn in the WNIT, if the Cowgirls play in this event it should host as long as it stays alive. At least in the early rounds. A lot depends on the pairings and so on. But the WNIT likes UW and based on its record it will host at least a game or two.


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