Cowboys, Cowgirls prepare for MWC tourney

The brackets are out and the match-ups are set for the Mountain West Conference men’s and women’s basketball tournament in Las Vegas. Action begins Tuesday.

The Wyoming men and women both play Wednesday. The Cowboys play TCU in the play-in game at 3 p.m. MST. The Cowgirls get a bye in the first round as the tournament’s third seed, and get the winner of Tuesday’s six-seven game between New Mexico and San Diego State at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

I like the men’s chances against TCU. UW beat TCU by 10 a few weeks ago and the Horned Frogs have lost 13 in a row. UW is 2-5 since interim coach Fred Langley took over. The play-in game often times comes down to who wants it the most. I think UW will do just enough to win by five.

The winner gets top-seeded BYU, and UW hung with the Cougars for a while before a 102-78 loss Saturday in Provo. But the Cowboys can’t look ahead to that, they need to focus on the Horned Frogs.

The Cowgirls’ opener scares me. Not because UW lost its regular-season finale by 16 at home to top-seeded BYU Saturday. But because both New Mexico and San Diego State know what it takes to win games at this event, and the Cowgirls are just 3-11.

Both teams are dangerous, but that’s not to say UW isn’t, either. I talked to coach Joe Legerski last Thursday — less than 24 hours after his team went on the road and won at San Diego State — and he said this team continues to amaze him and that no challenge is too big. It’s nice that the Cowgirls have four seniors who have played in this kind of environment. If UW can avoid a slow start Wednesday it wins. If it starts slow, it will be tough.

That would set up a semifinal matchup with second-seeded TCU Friday. TCU swept the regular-season series. You know what they say, it’s hard to beat a team three times in a season. Hope that isn’t the case for UW Wednesday.

Any thoughts?

I will be live blogging all UW men’s and women’s games from the tournament. More information will be sent out soon.

Here is the men’s bracket:

Here is the women’s bracket:

5 thoughts on “Cowboys, Cowgirls prepare for MWC tourney

  1. Lets hope Wyoming has at least enough to outlast Texas Christian. A loss there would be probably an appropriate final punctuation mark on this debacle of a season. Even if they do get by the Horned Frogs, BYU will stick a big hot fork in them in a matter of just a few hours later as Wyoming will be very exhausted playing two games in less than 18 hours, BYU very well could hang 110-120 points on the Cowboys. A 50 point defeat is possible. The women will not get past the quarters as the superior talent and athleticism in their opponents will come together at this point Then Legerski can start to sort through the offers he has already received feelers from and other ones he has yet to get to determine what his future will be, which will result in about at least a tripling of his current annual income and living in a far different part of the nation. And Wyoming can begin the lengthy process on who become the coach of the mens program which has hit bottom. Consecutive 20 loss seasons for the first time since the decades of the 1970s at least, and probably further back than that. The womens program will be competitive largely no matter who replaces Legerski due to the far superior culture and maturity that exists within that program relative to the mens program.

  2. I think Donny has been smokin some of those sagebrush cigarettes when it comes to coach Legerski and where he will be next season. He’s going nowhere because he’s not that flaky and he realizes that making a few more bucks somewhere else isn’t going to bring more quality of life.

    I see Legerski as having his head screwed on a little straighter than that, but I can’t argue about anything he said about the mens program.

  3. Money is king. If it doubles or triples his current salary, he would fly in a minute. Who wouldn’t?

    • He at very least would listen. But for Joe to leave it would have to be a special offer. Money is important to him but not everything. Good post Sean. Thanks.


  4. Pokes done in the first game, much to my chagrin. I don’t think we can expect more than this. Pokettes, will get to finals…..and find a way- this is Legerski’s breakthrough tournament- the Cougar’s are going to go down. Yea, I know surprising data- but full court heat is on and BYU’s big will foul out and then maybe have out of wedlock sex with the mascot and BYU will go down in history as a joke. I had the vision (nightmare) just last night. See all the U-Dub fans in Vegas!

    Go Pokes!!

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