Cowboys season comes to a close

Not the way the Wyoming men’s team wanted to end its season.

But it was a familiar one.

Eighth-seeded UW lost to ninth-seeded TCU 70-61 in Wednesday’s play-in game at the Mountain West Conference Tournament here at the Thomas & Mack Center.

UW finished 10-21 for the second straight season, and lost the play-in game at this event for the third time in the last four years.

The Cowboys showed their typical weaknesses: poor shooting, poor defense and poor ball security.

They shot 37.5 percent, including 27.6 percent in the first half. They made three field goals in the first 13 minutes of the game.

They committed 17 turnovers, which resulted in 19 TCU points.

TCU shot 48.3 percent and 54.5 percent in the second half. The Horned Frogs made 5 of 10 3-pointers, and all but four of their points came from their starters.

But for as poorly as UW played, it only trailed 27-24 at halftime and took the lead at 42-41 with 13:26 to play. But TCU went on runs of 9-0 and 7-1 after that to put the game away.

“They got the lead on us in the second half and we panicked a little bit,” interim coach Fred Langley said. … “To TCU’s credit they reacted quickly. When they did that I think we took a punch and it kind of stunned us.”

A lot of the questions with Langley and the players quickly turned to the future. See my game story in Thursday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang www.laramieboomerang for more on that.

Although he didn’t come out for the post-game interview session, I asked sophomore guard Desmar Jackson about his future at UW after this season prior to the team’s arrival here.

“I haven’t made any decisions yet,” he said.

8 thoughts on “Cowboys season comes to a close

  1. Weaknesses were certainly on display for the next coach. But so were a few strengths, like Waddell. If all Cowboys showed his intensity … well, fans might come out to watch the games.

  2. As was the case with entire season, there are just a few words or so to describe this game: it was a stinker ! Better to have gotten it over with rather than get subjected to a bare bottom spanking at the hands of the powerful potent BYU Cougars. We don’t want to see them again for many years. Enjoy Vegas, Gagliardi — find some time to enjoy a different buffet than the one you usually partake, and maybe take in a show or other entertainment option. With the end of Wyoming basketball, things get pretty quiet for you over the next 5 months other than a few spring football items. Maybe you can make a guest appearance on a Colorado Rockies radio broadcast sometime during the season and share some stories about the illustrious Tracy Ringolsby, who was quite adept at silencing Mike Rosen the other morning, something only a select few can do.

  3. Gigs I don’t care who they bring in as the new coach, all I want to see is a team that plays as a team both offense and defense. I ‘m so sick and tirerd the rag tag out of control offense and lack of body position on defense. If I never see a point gaurd drive past the free throw line out of control no place to go turnover after turnover ain’t soon enough for me.10 YEARS OF S—TY BASKETBALL. I don’t know how TCU lost so many games in conference, they are well coached in my opinion.They just got to many transfers and JC knot heads on that team that don’t want to play as a team and christian ain’t about to give in to those guys. The guy can coach . We don’t need athelics we need well rounded ball players. We need some gaurds that can shoot not take it to the rack to score a basket all the time. how about that can pull up and shoot a simple 8 foot jumper once in awhile.Robert who do hear is the top three right now as being considered as next coach.

    • Hi Jim,

      Good points in your comment. I think most fans feel the same way.
      As far as the next coach I honestly don’t think Wyoming is even to the point to narrow down candidates. As of now I would say Larry Shyatt and Mike Dunlap have drawn decent interest. Don’t be surprised if Tulsa’s coach gets into this mix at some point.
      Thanks for the comment Jim.


  4. Gags,
    I’m sure you were at the semi’s last night for what turned out to be some excellent basketball. I will say this, it’s very difficult in this conference for a team to win three in a row. The Jimmer show was one for all ages. The drive to the hoop with seconds remaining left me with a jaw drop, as DJ Gay clutched the final hoop for an Aztec win. Simply amazing. I sat up high, managed to get a ticket to the game from a very cool BYU family that offered a Cowboy fan a ticket for face value, when the going scalper rate was $200 in the upper deck.

    What I’m going to recall is the satisfaction quality programs leave with their fan base. The Thomas and Mack was electric, the basketball on par with the best this country has to offer. Good programs are just that, built on quality leadership, great recruiting, solid coaching, and then in game performance. We are so far from these variables, I can’t even begin to describe how we as a University and culture begin the process. Asking Des, or M’baye, or Adam or whomever what their plans are means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of the game. What matters is commitment and strategic planning. Walking out of the arena, seeing the joy on young BYU faces, and the cockiness of SDSU students was inspiring.

    We have faced some harsh reality at UW this decade, I think Burman and Buchanan better decide how they want to approach this new challenge. I can tell you this, if we don’t start soon with a winning philosophy the same old group of fans will continue to show up and exit early. While the youth and inspiration will be displaced looking for better horizons and fantastic finishes.

    As things are now, we are just an assembly of losers. Sorry about that Poke Fans. But it’s reality.

    • Very good points and those semifinals were something else. Your points on UW make sense and you are right. But where does it start? I think at the top and with a strong leader guiding the program. Then it has to come financially from everything from salaries to recruiting budgets to travel to buying games. Honestly I don’t know if Wyoming is committed to all that. I think it will try and get closer this time around. But not sure how much closer.
      Thanks for the post and your thoughts. Enjoy March Madness.

  5. Lots of chatter about former St Mary’s and Oregon head coach Ernie Kent becoming the next UW head basketball coach. He would probably do a good job, but I am concerned Wyoming fans still have a bitter taste in their mouths after the lackluster and poor regime of Joby Wright, who promised much and delivered little. The Wright years were very depressing as a good man was unable to get Wyoming pointed in a decisively winning direction as he just could not recruit players to come here. He never connected whatsoever with fans and the local media. I fear the same with Kent, who had lots of success at Oregon, even making an elite 8 twice in ’02 and ’07. Kent seems to be a worldly man with some broad experiences, which could helpful in dealing with a troubled and strongly detached fanbase. But this may be a challenge for him which will not go well. He does not appear to be a good fit, so hopefully Buchanan and the short-lived AD Burman will consider others.

    • Hi Larry,

      A couple of coaches I know around the country told me today Kent has talked with UW (or the search firm) in some capacity.

      Not sure about the fit in Laramie, either. I don’t know Kent and haven’t met him so I don’t want to pre-judge him. But not sure that is a fit. He had some good years at Oregon, but his last three were not very good and sounded like things got a little messy. A guy I know in college athletics things Kent wants to get back to the Pac-10. Utah is now open, so I wonder how that plays into this.

      Would be a little surprised if Kent becomes the next Wyoming coach, but in coaching searches you never know what to expect.

      Thanks Larry. Take care.


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