Monday news and notes

So how’s your bracket looking after the first week of the NCAA tournament?

Hopefully better than mine, but aside from Pittsburgh I still have most of my Final Four teams left.

So the Big East gets 11 teams in the NCAA Tournament and now has only two in the Sweet 16?

The Mountain West has two teams in the Sweet 16. Is or was the Big East overrated?

Looking online this morningĀ one of theĀ State of Wyoming airplanes is headed to Richmond, Va., and St. Joseph’s Mo. today. Speculation is there are UW officials on that plane who will be conducting interviews to men’s basketball coaching candidates. The next two weeks should go a long way in UW making its hire.

Congratulations to former UW player Steve Gosar, who coached the College of Southern Idaho to the NJCAA national championship last weekend in Kansas. Josh Dees, the son of former UW men’s basketball coach Benny Dees, is on Gosar’s staff. Based on the comments on this blog, many UW fans support Gosar being UW’s next coach.

Got a call from a UW fan in Pine Bluffs who supports Wyoming native and current South Florida coach Jeremy Cox to be the next UW coach. Also got an e-mail from a UW fan who lives in New Jersey who suggested UW go after Rick Majerus, the current coach at St. Louis and former Utah coach. Majerus had a losing season at St. Louis this past season.

Spring football practice at Wyoming resumes Monday after a week off for spring break. According to his Twitter account, junior running back Ghaali Muhammad will have surgery later this week. Will try to find out more as the day goes on. The Cowboys’ first scrimmage of the spring is at 9 a.m. Saturday and is open to the public.

10 thoughts on “Monday news and notes

  1. Gags, the Richmond Spiders coach is Chris Mooney, who was the Air Force Coach during the 2004-05 season. I can’t see him interviewing while his team is still in the tournament, but I guess you never know.

    • I could see it, too, but the buzz out there now is Mooney could be up for bigger jobs, plus his team is still playing in the NCAA Tournament. I doubt highly he would talk to anyone right now, but you never know.

      Sometimes people meet at a “neutral site” to set up interviews. Perhaps this is one of those cases, if it is at all.


  2. What school would be in St. Joseph, Missouri?

    Shouldn’t we be looking in Springfield, Missouri?

    • If we’re talking about the Missouri State coach you are right. Often times, however, people will meet off site for interviews in this process. Not all the time, but sometimes.

      Some sources I know told me a while back Missouri State’s coach wouldn’t be interested in the Wyoming job, if that’s who we are talking about here. But you never know.


  3. Quality of coaching candidate is dependent on commitment of resources to program as much as salary for coach. Current Sweet 16 shows you don’t have to be in a power conference to have success in the NCAA tournament. There are teams in the Sweet 16 that don’t have the assets that UW offers. UW’s geographic location is overstated as a negative factor. And, thanks to No. Colorado’s success, maybe there are more potential Div. 1 players in our area to be developed than people think. Getting the right coach with the right system has worked in the past for UW and will again. The question is will the right coach be hired?

  4. Could Bruce Pearl be considered for the Wyoming men’s head coaching job ? While his interest is unknown and likely is not there at all, there would seem to be a precedent for a struggling and misfit Mountain West Conference school in hiring such a controversial figure: San Diego State and Steve Fisher. Fisher was a disgraced figure and the Aztecs were strongly adrift, but this has worked out fine for both parties, as the Aztecs are on the precipice of a Final Four berth as this comment is being composed,

    No question Pearl is a winner and would bring a level of success and fan enthusiasm not seen in Laramie at least since the early days of the Little General, and probably back to the Brandenburg tenure back now almost over a quarter-century ago. Beyond the concern for Pearl’s scruples and ethics, one would have to be aware he would certainly use Wyoming as a stepping stone job back to higher profile stages. We have all seen Wyoming exploited in such a way on many occasions over the decades, but could he be the one to bring the program back to competitiveness and a conference title ?

    It is difficult to see anyone else capable of doing that and more that has been discussed and is in the conversation. I. and certainly many others, would say that Burman and Buchanan should at least reach out to him and determine if it is a possibility, let alone making it a reality as unlikely as it may sound. Fans and others, including high profile media members such as yourself, long for the days of yore when glory and success and particularly strong enthusiasm were strongly associated with Wyoming athletics.

    Strong efforts must be made to remove the stain of futility and incompetence and ineptitude that most of the recent past has been all about !

    • Hi Larry,

      Maybe there will be some interest but one thing to consider is if further penalties will be handed down to Pearl. The NCAA could suspend him or do something like it did with Kelvin Sampson. I think any school interested in him need to find that out first. That leads me to think he will be out of coaching for at least a year. We shall see.

      Thanks for the well thought post.

  5. Having a picnic for high school kids and lying about it will hardly keep one out of heaven. But then again Laramie is not heaven and a picnic could result in frost bite. Pearl should not be a candidate unless he agrees to indoor activities. Isn’t the coach of the disgraced “Michigan Fab five” in the sweet 16 this year? Picking a winning coach is tough enough and staying out of the gun sights of the NCAA is even tougher. Tom B assignment is challenging and my guess is many Poke fans won’t be happy with the choice.

  6. Wrong year for Bruce Pearl. If he had been fired last year and we were looking, I’d say go for it. 6 NCAA’s in 6 years is pretty good. What did he do? Invite a recruit to a BBQ and then lie about it?

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