Carta-Samuels still undecided on next school

Despite published reports, former Wyoming quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels has not transferred to Vanderbilt.

Not yet, at least.

Though text messages sent Wednesday, Carta-Samuels told me he visited Vanderbilt last weekend, and the Southeastern Conference school is one of his three finalists. He wouldn’t tell me his other two, but hopes to decide in a couple of weeks.

A photo of Carta-Samuels on Facebook from his visit to Vanderbilt surfaced a few days ago. Here is that link:

“I simply went on a visit and took a picture there. I have not decided yet that is where my next home will be,” he said.

In today’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser, there’s an article about former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier having interest in transferring to Hawaii. It also says Carta-Samuels showed interest in going there, but that he will play at Vanderbilt. Here’s the link:

Vanderbilt recently had a quarterback transfer in sophomore Charlie Goro, who will attend South Dakota and likely play safety. Senior Larry Smith returns and is the likely starter. Redshirt junior Jordan Rodgers, the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and sophomore John Townsley are other quarterbacks on the roster. Rodgers redshirted last year and also had shoulder issues.

If Carta-Samuels transfers to another FBS school, he must sit out a year to satisfy NCAA transfer rules. He has yet to use a redshirt year, and has two years of eligibility remaining. If he transferred to a FCS school or lower division, he could play this fall.

Carta-Samuels was the 2009 Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year and Outstanding Offensive Player in UW’s 35-28 double-overtime win over Fresno State in the 2009 New Mexico Bowl.

20 thoughts on “Carta-Samuels still undecided on next school

  1. Must be rough going from starting D1 QB to scrambling to find a school that wants you….so much for the thought that other schools would be interested in him. Got to love how he phrases like he is a top recruit and there are finalist, when reality is he probably trying to figure out which school to walk on at…

  2. My question is why are we still keeping tabs on him? He’s moving on from us and we should do the same.

    • Agreed, I think there is a lot of interest because Poke fans had so much interest and support vested in him. I am hoping the two new QBs will quickly help everyone move on.

  3. +1 I wish more people would take the “Who cares about this clown” mentality and bury him from their minds permanently..

  4. It’s a long summer………….that’s it. Something to keep the Wyonation in motion. Once fall practice starts and we get closer to learning who the new starting QB will be, it will be over.

  5. RG,
    any info on the juco coming in the fall? Who is starting in the fall, pick your poison now…..Im going with Pittser….

    • I might have some info on the JC guy tomorrow. From the way DC talked about Pittser at the Cowboy Joe Club golf tournament he sounds good. I’ve got a feeling its Pittser too but will be curious to see how smith responds.

      • RG,

        I think DC needs to let this thing be settled on the field, and keep his cards close to the vest. We need both young guns ready and willing. This is a rarity to have talent like this in house. To be heralding either at this point is way premature.

        • I think DC will do that. He was talking to fans where a couple of media guys happened to be at. This will be an interesting battle in fall camp.


    • I agree with a previous response that as Wyoming fans we had a lot invested into ACS and him leaving was a kick in the gut. ACS played to the expectations of the Wyoming fan base, a lot of heart, never-say-die attitude. I have always had the feeling that ACS’s departure had a lot to do with bad advice and/or poor decision making. To hear that he is considering Vandy as a place to go, not exactly a great option. Given their roster, QB is not something they really need at the moment… I have a feeling that ACS won’t have an easy time finding a starting spot in a D1 program. Believe it or not, the easiest thing for ACS to do at this point is come back to Wyoming, but he’d have a tough road making things right with coaches, players, etc. Not to mention he would have to completely out-shine Pittser and Smith…

      • Coming back to Wyoming is not an option for ACS. That ship has sailed.


        • Please Gags, no more stories about this quitter. He is not a Cowboy, let it go. Lets hear about Smith and Pittser, both of these guys have more physical ability than ACS and hopefully are coach-able. I think we will get to see what the offense is supposed to look like instead of watching the QB run around like his hair is on fire.

          • I’ll admit I really liked ACS, but Jimmy-Jack is correct, let’s hear more about Smith and Pittser, time to move on! Undoubtedly ACS was the key factor for the ’09 season, but he didn’t grow with the rest of the team in ’10. His scrambling ability got him only so far…
            I’m excited for Pittser, and Smith. Pittser is a higher rated recruit than ACS, and Smith has showed us he’s motivated, graduated early to BE AT WYO… We’ve got a really good OC that has worked with Freshman QB’s, we’ve got a lot of returning players… ACS leaving may be a turning point for the better…

  6. I’ll tell you this,if the kid from Illinois beats out Brett Smith, he must really be special. I will also tell you EXACTLY how Brett Smith will respond to all of it. The same way that he has since I’m sure he was old enough to put on a jockstrap. The same way that he did when he went out as a FRESHMAN of 14 years of age and helped lead our varsity team to the league championship, showing absolutely NO FEAR after a series of injuries put us in a position to use him. The only kid in our schools history that has played as a freshman in high school. If anyone can lead a team as a true freshman QB it would be Brett Smith, because he has already done it. The same way when he broke a bone in his passing arm in the first quarter of his junior year and played the rest of the game and threw two 2nd half TD passes and led a scoring drive in the closing seconds, taking it in on a run to win the game.

    I believe I am qualified to make this assessment because I have been one of his coaches the past 4 years. Brett Smith is a winner, a champion 3 of 4 years that he was with us, a tremendous leader in the lockerrom and the community and the toughest SOB we have ever coached. Wyoming will see it all, soon enough.

    • Thanks for the comment Titan, and what little I was able to see of Brett in the spring (two scrimmages and the spring game) makes me think he doesn’t shy away from competition and that this QB battle here is going to be a good one. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen so far, and I think the coaches have, too.


    • That’s exactly the kind of smack we want to hear as Cowboys. Glad his Coaches and community are following him and the Pokes. Brett sounds like a hell of a kid.

      Thanks Coach

    • Thanks for your extremely one sided view. No need to sell all the UW folks and Smith. He’s already here. It will all play out nicely I assume, and the best MAN for the Job will get it. High school is high school. Everyone in D1 was the man in High school. So, you can’t assume the Greatness that Smith achieved in High school will automatically translate into D1. This process will take time, give them time, and I’m sure DC will be bring out the best in Smith and Pittser. I’m sure DC will find a way that both will Contribute nicely and compliment each other on and off the field. Hopefully the will learn to help one another and push each other to their fullest. Thats what its about, thats what will make them both good. And think of it this way, Most really good D1 schools have two really good Starer Type QB’s, thats what make those schools a step above the rest. Matt Cassel never started, but he brought out the best in Palmer. Maybe these two can create a good tandem that will only make the team better. Having Practices with multiple good players at each position is the only way to win on Saturday.

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