Live Blog – Cowboys 2nd Scrimmage Friday August 12th at 9am

Here we are again..on the bring of another Cowboys season.

This will be the first of many live events that we’ll be doing throughout the season.

Robert will be live blogging the Cowboys 2nd scrimmage on August 12th starting at 9am.

Chat window after the break.

7 thoughts on “Live Blog – Cowboys 2nd Scrimmage Friday August 12th at 9am

  1. Please give Woodward a chance to play linebacker….if your from wyoming …it won’t happen…let him kick and set down…that’s it?????

  2. sreed, just like they never gave Chris Pro or Spencer Bruce a chance. You need to get off your Woodward rant.

    • bruce and pro were shcolarship. Woodward will not get a shot cause he walked on. doesnt matter in this system, scholarship players get first crack. hope he leaves too good a kid

      • Patrick Hartford from Rock Springs was awarded a scholarship by DC and staff after walking on. Andrew Meredith of Green River walked on and is playing on special teams and with the twos as a safety. I think he may have been awarded a scholarship, too, but even if not, he’s played.


  3. Hearing rumors Tyler Gabbert is heading here. Are you hearing any thing? Maybe ask around today. Thanks

    • Hearing them, but also hearing the kid isn’t real sure what he wants to do. Will see what I can dig up today.


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