UW releases depth chart for Weber State

Well, here it is. Wyoming is thin at safety with the indefinite suspension of projected junior starter Kenny Browder at free safety, and the one-game suspension of his backup, senior Eric Mitchell.

Was also a little suprised to see as much change along the offensive line, since we didn’t see as much during the three scrimmages of fall camp.

Don’t look too much into seeing Gabe Knatpon’s name as a defensive tackle. He, along with many of UW’s front seven, will move around a lot this season.

Any other thoughts or opinions on this?

Will have more from coach Dave Christensen’s news conference this afternoon.



2011 Wyoming Depth Chart

(As of Aug. 29, 2011)



4 Tashaun Gipson (6-0, 208, Sr., Dallas, Texas)

20 Blair Burns (5-10, 170, Fr., Plano, Texas)

Free Safeties

3 Luke Anderson (5-10, 195, Jr., Southlake, Texas)

41 Andrew Meredith (6-0, 193, So., Green River, Wyo.)

Strong Safeties

29 Luke Ruff (5-11, 195, Jr., Castle Rock, Colo.)

7 Chad Reese (5-11, 180, Fr., Tyler, Texas)


2 Marqueston Huff (6-0, 189, So., Texarkana, Texas)

13 Darrenn White (6-0, 184, RFr., Kansas City, Mo.)

LEO Linebackers (Outside Linebackers)

21 Mark Nzeocha (6-3, 220, Fr., Neusitz, Germany)

26 Brandon James (5-10, 203, Jr., Missouri City, Texas)

MIKE Linebackers (Middle Linebackers)

43 Devyn Harris (6-3, 225, So., Fountain, Colo.)

53 Alex Borgs (6-2, 215, Fr., Raesfeld, Germany)

WILL Linebackers (Outside Linebackers)

8 Brian Hendricks (6-1, 228, Sr., Burlington, Colo.)

27 Todd Knight (6-2, 210, So., Aurora, Colo.)

Defensive Ends

44 Josh Biezuns (6-2, 260, Sr., Prior Lake, Minn.)

85 Mark Willis (6-4, 225, So., Oak Park, Ill.)

Defensive Tackles

50 Mike Purcell (6-3, 286, Jr., Highlands Ranch, Colo.)

98 Kurt Taufa’asau (6-2, 279, RJr., Pago Pago, American Samoa)

Defensive Tackles

52 Gabe Knapton (6-3, 263, Sr., Mead, Colo.)

15 Ben Durbin (6-3, 272, Jr., Gilbert, Iowa)

Right Defensive Ends

5 Korey Jones (6-2, 225, Jr., Fort Collins, Colo.)

12 Sonny Puletasi (6-3, 234, RFr., Lawton, Okla.)

Punters/Long Snappers/Return Specialists


28 Austin McCoy (6-3, 208, Sr., Winter Haven, Fla.)

18 Austin Woodward (6-1, 225, RFr., Sheridan, Wyo.)

Long Snappers (For Punts/Field Goals and PATS)

40 Zach Ewan (5-9, 216, Fr., Phoenix, Ariz.)

86 Shane Sullivan (6-4, 240, RFr., Orange, Calif.)

Kickoff Returners

No. 1 Tandem

3 Luke Anderson (5-10, 195, Jr., Southlake, Texas)

33 Dominic Rufran (6-0, 185, Fr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)

No. 2 Tandem

18 Brandon Miller (6-0, 187, So., Parker, Colo.)

32 Alvester Alexander (5-11, 204, Jr., Houston, Texas)

Punt Returners

80 Chris McNeill (6-1, 180, Jr., Simi Valley, Calif.)

13 Trey Norman (6-1, 170, Fr., Texarkana, Texas)

33 Dominic Rufran (6-0, 185, Fr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)



16 Brett Smith (6-3, 195, Fr., Salem, Ore.)

11 Colby Kirkegaard (6-3, 205, So., Phoenix, Ariz.)

14 Adam Pittser (6-2, 206, Fr., Richmond, Ill.)

Running Backs

18 Brandon Miller (6-0, 187, So., Parker, Colo.)

32 Alvester Alexander (5-11, 204, Jr., Houston, Texas)

23 Ghaali Muhammad (6-0, 221, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo.)

3 Kody Sutton (5-8, 190, Fr., Texarkana, Texas)


80 Chris McNeill (6-1, 180, Jr., Simi Valley, Calif.)

89 Josh Doctson (6-4, 185, Fr., Mansfield, Texas)


6 Robert Herron (5-10, 187, So., Los Angeles, Calif.)

13 Trey Norman (6-1, 170, Fr., Texarkana, Texas)


2 Mazi Ogbonna (6-1, 200, Sr., Westbury, N.Y.)

1 DeJay Lester (6-2, 200, Sr., Layton, Utah)


33 Dominic Rufran (6-0, 185, Fr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)

9 Sam Stratton (5-11, 195, RFr., Littleton, Colo.)


34 Mat Birkeness (6-4, 256, Jr., Littleton, Colo.)

42 Riley Lange (6-3, 259, RFr., Parker, Colo.)

86 Shane Sullivan (6-4, 240, RFr., Orange, Calif.)

Left Tackles

69 John Hutchins (6-5, 295, Sr., Inver Grove Heights, Minn.)

72 Clayton Kirven (6-6, 305, Sr., Buffalo, Wyo.)

Left Guards

77 Brandon Self (6-3, 301, Sr., Shawnee, Okla.)

51 Tyler Strong (6-3, 288, So., Longmont, Colo.)


60 Nick Carlson (6-4, 292, Jr., Arlington Heights, Ill.)

68 Travis Bogard (6-4, 301, RFr., Kenmore, Wash.)

Right Guards

75 Zach Rushing (6-3, 295, Jr., Woolmarket, Miss.)

73 Daniel Fleischman (6-6, 297, RFr., Issaquah, Wash.)

Right Tackles

76 Josh Leonard (6-4, 296, Jr., Helena, Mont.)

65 Kyle Magnuson (6-6, 317, Jr., Elkhart, Ind.)

Kickers/Holders/Long Snappers

Place-kickers (For PATs and Field Goals)

94 Stuart Williams (5-11, 175, RFr., Nederland, Colo.)




14 Daniel Sullivan (5-10, 185, Fr., Snohomish, Wash.)

Place-kickers (For Kickoffs)

14 Daniel Sullivan (5-10, 185, Fr., Snohomish, Wash.)

28 Austin McCoy (6-3, 208, Sr., Winter Haven, Fla.)


80 Chris McNeill (6-1, 180, Jr., Simi Valley, Calif.)

9 Sam Stratton (5-11, 195, RFr., Littleton, Colo.)


7 thoughts on “UW releases depth chart for Weber State

  1. Looks like they’re really trying to use their speed and athleticism if they’re moving Knapton inside initially for this game. Weber has some size on their O line. Also seems that they’re doing the same on offense: Miller starting at RB, no TE – TJ Smith’s one game suspension is probably the reason and Bruce is already out, and it looks like they’re trying to use they’re faster and more athletic receivers. I’m curious to see how this will change when Smith comes back, and how the D line moves around from opponent to opponent. Even with the depth chart as it is for Sat, are they likely to throw multiple looks at Weber?

    • Gotta remember that even thought they list guys like Smith and Bruce as tight ends, they really are just another receiver.

      Even though Miller is listed as the starter at RB, I will be curious who gets most of the carries. My guess is it will be Alexander and Muhammad.

      You are exactly right in terms of UW’s defense giving a lot of different looks. This is how they may start the game, but there will be lots of different looks for formations. Expect that all season long.


  2. Causes for concern-

    1) The starting O-line is still a big “Q” with 3 of them being the same guys we saw start last year and not do well. Hopefully they are being pushed to up their game by the guys behind them.

    2) The defense looks fast, but they are still undersized especially with our DE’s at 225 pounds and Knapton at DT at only 260. Will our opponents be able to run at will against us again with our small size. Overall as a group the D-Line is not much bigger than last year.

    3) They keep dropping like flies, three projected starters from our D are gone for the year already without being into the season yet. The depth of our defense is shrinking quickly. But i do feel that Anderson will fit in just fine without Browder, and Reese has good potential too.

    4) I understand Miller gives it his all in practice and did well, but AA is our real threat at RB, I just hope he doesn’t feel like he is being replaced and leaves the team. After all DC has always said you don’t loose your starting job because of injury, but that is exactly what happened to AA, he got injured in spring and they put him at #2. I just feel that he is our best and most established offensive player and am worried about the RB position now after I was heading into this season feeling good about it.

    5) They looked good as a team in the scrimmages, but they were after all competing against themselves, so you never know if the offense looked good cause they are or because our D is going to be weak.

    I remain optimistic, but very guarded right now. If we struggle against WSU lookout, cause they are a much worse D2 team then they were the last time we played them.

    • Good points and valid concerns Caleb.

      This offensive line movement was the biggest since fall camp started, or at least what they showed in scrimmages. I still like how it played in camp.

      While the D-line is still undersized, don’t expect Knapton to be a DT all season. It’s just part of a package and a look.

      Remember, Alexander wasn’t the starter going into last season, either. Miller has done a nice job, but AA and even Muhammad are their best backs. It’s not about who starts, it’s about who gets the carries. I think AA will be fine.

      I’m concerned with the depth on defense. Browder being suspended indefinitely is a tough break. He sounded like he was doing well in the spring and fall camp. He’s somewhat a veteran. Indefinite supsensions never are good.


  3. This is such a young lineup, I’m sure there are some upperclassmen with some playing time experience, even if it is little. Pretty disappointing as I foresee a losing season ahead but next season is another thing…

  4. It’s pretty frustrating for fans when talented players go down because of a “violation of team rules.” It’s like a self-imposed injury. While I’m glad to see that UW is not flaunting NCAA rules, like a Miami, it is disappointing when players aren’t measuring up to the standards the team has established. It is especially disappointing to see it happen just before the opening game. I hope these guys can manage to get it together and be the people they know they each need to be.

    That said, I’m excited for the season to start. It will be fun to see how the team has improved and to see how these new guys fit in. I’m baffled that Alexander wasn’t given that starting spot for this game. It must be that root canal, because he is the most explosive player on this team.

    • I wouldn’t read too much into the RB situation. Christensen said later on Monday the top three will get equal carries. When all is said and done Al will get his touches.

      Hate to see guys break the rules, but Christensen acts on it and does something about it. Was disappointed about Browder. Second time in two years. Indefinite suspensions are never good.


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