UW-Weber postgame thoughts

How about that for a first impression for true freshman QB Brett Smith?

He leads UW to a come-from-behind win in the final minutes, capped by a 9-yard TD pass to sophomore receiver Robert Herron to give UW a 35-32 victory over FCS foe Weber State.

I’m not going to compare Smith to former QB Austyn Carta-Samuels, who led UW to five come-from-behind victories in 2009. But Smith showed some moxie in this game. He wasn’t perfect. Heck, he threw an interception on his first attempt after the ball slipped out of his hands. But he bounced back and as 27 of 41 for 294 yards with three TDs, one pick and one rushing TD.

I think fans are going to like this guy, and the media got to talk to him after the game for the first time. Coach Dave Christensen didn’t make him available for interviews until after games.  Smith seemed humble and thankful for the win.

I also think fans will get fed up with the defense if it doesn’t improve. It gave up 541 yards and way too many big plays. Weber State ran at will most of the game, and UW had only one sack. However, that sack by senior lineman Gabe Knapton helped force a punt that led to UW’s game-winning offensive drive.

I know most fans are more concerned than happy after this game, but it’s better to be that with a win than a loss. Doesn’t hide the fact there’s a lot of work to be done, but it’s better to work on things after a win than coming off a loss.


See Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for more from this game. Hope to post video interviews from the post-game interviews I did sometime on Sunday.

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  1. unfortunately we are in a position, with where are program has been recently. but a win is a win. its not like we need the computer avgs and media votes for a bcs game. or even to make the field of 64 ha.. defense does seem like it needs to figure out some things. but it was a treat to hear the 2min drive Smith was able to construct and orchestrate. great game to Weber.

  2. I was really impressed with Smith, and the offense in general. Granted, I was there for only the first half as my knee was having problems, but he got good protection, the RBs had holes to run through, and the receivers got open. Smith made a few Freshmen mistakes, but wow. I was really impressed by him.

    For the defense, I didn’t see much except form Knapton and Biezuns. If they don’t improve as the year goes on, I don’t see English being here another year.

  3. I’m glad we pulled this one out. Defense needs some work for sure. I like Brett’s poise in the pocket. McNeill’s catch when it was 4th and 12 was the game. Nice throw by Brett and nice catch. That play kept the drive alive and led to the game winning TD. They’ve got to find a way to get him more touches he is so reliable. Is there a reason they don’t look his direction more often?

    • I think a lot of it has to do with check downs and things like that. he keeps up with big catches like that they will look his way more.


  4. Robert you nailed it. If you’re Notre Dame, UCLA or an Oregon team you have issues and no win.

  5. I got a chance to see a few highlghts on the mtn., and weber st. looked really fast. I know they are FCS, buth from what I saw, this game was much more impressive football than the csu vs. NM game. Not that we compare ourselves to them. I just think that Weber State’s team is a lot better than I thought they would be. It is clear that they are very well coached. Our defense IS aweful. Wow we need improvement there. Remember last year though, our offense was aweful. That seems to be improving which is good.

    • I think you make a good point about Weber having some good speed. Still, you are also right about the UW defense. But good point on Weber.

      Thanks for joining the live blog last night. It was fun to have you there.


  6. Another typical defensive performance. No matter how you spin it, our defense has been terrible under Marty English. He should definitely be in the hot seat!

    • Robert,
      Was at the game and here’s what’s on my mind:
      Weber St. has always played Wyo tough. Two years ago it was 29-22 Wyo-Weber.
      First game jitters all around, but Brett Smith was fun to watch and you see why he’s the starting QB.
      The “real” score should have been 35-25 if you take-away the goofy hand-off to Smith, 2nd play of the game. But 35 points were about what everyone expected of Wyo Offense.

      What is bothering me is why were there a lot of shifts on the Wyo Defense? It was like they didn’t know their assignments, guys moving around trying to get into position? From what you’ve seen in the scrimmages, etc. is there truth to DC saying the defense is much more capable?

      No doubt Weber St has good coaching, they probably get a lot of their talent from BYU and Utah players that leave these schools to go to a place where they’ll see playing time, and FCS schools are going to be fired up for taking down a Division I school. Even if the defense was marginally “better” than they were last night with one less Weber touchdown, that makes it 35-19, isn’t that what everyone predicted?

      • Good points, Brian. I heard a lot about mental errors on defense. It gets old but maybe the first game with this somewhat new defense. But it better improve or this defense will be a joke.

        • Careful with the joke comment RG. It’s football, and it’s our team. Improvement. That is the emphasis. I was very discouraged about not pinning them deep on multiple occasions. Yet, this 4-3 deal has not been what it’s been cranked up to be. Go back to the 3-4; and with our team speed give our lb’s a chance to get to the gaps and hurt someone.

          • Thing is about these multiple looks I saw more than a 4-3. I saw them stack the line a few times. I saw a.3-4. No matter what they run it all has to be better.


  7. How much of our struggles on defense can be directly attributed to the suspension of Browder at safety?

    • Maybe some but not all. Safeties played well in coverage in the first half. If anyone struggled it was Gipson at corner.


  8. Our Defense was absolutely horrible against a poor team, if this is how they play to an opponent such as Weber I can’t wait until they play teams in our own conference. If this is how the defense is going to play it’s going to be another long year for the Pokes. What was up with Knapton and Biezuns, they were not near as good as they were talked up to be. I hope it was just an off game because the defense was absolutely horrible. Come on guys gets your head out of your ass and play some ball.

    • Knapton played a lot inside which I don’t think is good. But he did have a sack on the defensive stand that set up the winning score.


  9. In looking at the bright side, nearly 200 yards of the 500 scored by WSU was on 8 big plays (over 15 yards). That can be addressed, as can the coaches understanding that, statiscally anyway, they came out flat as day-old soda, in the 3rd quarter. Impressed with the fresh QB…aren’t we all. Nice for the coaches to be able to get some games to help them coach, as opposed to having to address things after playing top 5 opponents…where do you start right?

  10. Robert,
    You make a great point that at least UW won! Maybe it is a matter of perspective. UW could have easily rolled up and died. Imagine if you were an Oregon State Fan. Oregon State was favored to win by 28 points. I looked up predictions by OSU fans that expected OSU win by like 40-7! Just read the Corvallis Oregon newspaper articles… very unhappy fans…

    Question: How different is UW Defense from the Defense that beat CSU last year?

    • Good question. I think this defense now is a little more athletic and.faster. may not have shown against Weber but I do think it is. It better show it starting next week.


    • Utah State almost squeeked out a win at Auburn, lets give Weber State some credit. They came ready to play and are a better team then we thought. Get ready for Utah State or UW will get pummeled.

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