UW-Bowling Green postgame notes/quotes

Whew, what a finish that was for the Cowboys!!

A blocked extra point by senior defensive linemen Josh Biezuns and Gabe Knapton preserved a 28-27 win in the final seconds. Was disappointed in the way Bowling Green drove down the field at the end of the game.

“Bowling Green has a great set of receivers,” sophomore cornerback Marqueston Huff said. “They there were in the right place, made the right plays. They executed their offense better than we executed our defense.”

Still, UW forced a season-high six turnovers (nine in the last two games), blocked two kicks and scored a defensive TD on Huff’s 8-yard fumble return.

But more than the “prevent” defense at the end, I would have liked to have seen UW’s offense get more first downs late to prevent BG a chance to win it late. Easy to say that now that the Cowboys won, but hey, a win is a win. See my column in Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for more on that.

And how about true freshman cornerback Blair Burns with two interceptions and a fumble recovery? Good job by that young kid, who if he’s really 170 pounds as listed on the roster then I’m 6-foot-5 (I’m pushing 5-10, LOL).

A play late in the game that was big but got overshadowed some from UW’s standpoint was the offsides call on the Cowboys’ last possession on BG defensive lineman Kevin Moore on a fourth-and-1 play that gave UW its final first down. If that doesn’t happen and UW doesn’t convert on fourth down the game could have been different.

“To jump on a fourth-and-1, when the whole stadium knows they are going to hard-count us … we just did some really poor things out there today,” BG coach Dave Clawson said.

Some other notes and quotes:

–Sophomore middle linebacker Devyn Harris had a career-high 11 tackles.

–“I just saw the ball so I picked it up and ran.” — Huff on the fumble return for a touchdown

–Junior defensive tackle Ben Durbin had a big game with a blocked field goal and a forced fumble on Huff’s TD. Durbin said he didn’t know he caused the fumble.

–All six of senor receiver Mazi Ogbonna’s six catches came in the second half, including five on the Cowboys’ first two possessions.

–“I don’t know if they’ve played a team that went after the ball like we have.” — UW coach Dave Christensen.

–On odd days of the month (Sept. 3 and 17), senior punter Austin McCoy has averaged between 41 ad 45 yards per punt. On even days (Sept. 10) he averaged 21.3 yards.

–BG sophomore rover (defensive back) Booboo Gates was one of three players issued with misdemeanor citations for criminal trespassing in a dorm Thursday night. One player was suspended, but Gates wasn’t and finished second on the team with 11 tackles.

–“Any way you slice it we’re 3-0 and we’ve won as many games as we did a year ago. I know one thing, we’re going to be as good as we were last year.” — Christensen

–“I knew I was down, but I have to hold on to the ball also. Don’t even make it close.” — junior running back Ghaali Muhammad on a fumble in the second half, but was ruled down after the play was reviewed.

–“We were at home, and I thought we were the better football team. The way our defense was playing, and the way we were moving the football, it was a pretty quick decision. I thought that, if we got to overtime, we were going to win the game.” — Clawson on the thought of going for two on BG’s final touchdown.

Now it’s time for No. 10 Nebraska, which beat Washington at home 51-38 and gave up 420 yards of total offense. See Monday’s WTE and Boomerang for what Christensen and other players think of this game. And, see Sunday’s papers for more coverage of this game.

There won’t be any video interviews posted from this game. There wasn’t a place for me to get video during postgame interviews. Sorry. Will post more from Monday’s weekly interview session with players and coaches.

15 thoughts on “UW-Bowling Green postgame notes/quotes

  1. I know a lot of Poke fans will be chomping at the bit for Nebraska, but I don’t think the we have the defense to stop them. Their D will be able to slow us down enough.

    • You’re probably right Ron, but Fresno State and Washington have moved it on Nebraska. Hopefully the defense can tighten it up some. It will need to if it wants a chance in this one.


      • Take the win. Prepare those db’s for better play. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how Tashaun doesn’t close and make plays. He’s a top cover guy in the league, and he’s got to prove it next week. Early keys, stop Martinez on the qb option…he’s fast and elusive. We’ve got to close the door on the edges and literally level him 2 or 3 plays. Put that nervousness in him, and we can win this game. Great win, remember now we were -8.5 dogs in this game and had a chance to shut BG out in the second half. Football is a fundamentally distinct game, you’ve got to shut the door and slam it. Go Cowboys.

        • Gipson needs to play better. No other way to say it. He had a few decent plays today, but bottom line, he has to play much, much better.

          Good points and keys Timmy!!


    • I think it’s a mutual decision. Philisophy is to not get beat deep or not to let guys get behind the defense.


  2. I found it interesting that the BG Head Coach said he thought his team was the better team and how well his defense played. Take away the last five minutes of the game and what would he have to say? On one hand, the close win means there’s a lot more to take away and learn from and daresay I think will help the Pokes practice hard this week, focus and prepare for Nebraska. On the other, had the Pokes won 28-14, sure we’d “feel” better about the W, but with a young team, the focus and preparation might lack.

    I know DC doesn’t like playing for moral victories, but heading into next week I just expect the young Poke team to make it competitive. I think the Pokes have a great opportunity here!

  3. If we would have won 28 to 14 we shouldn’t have felt good. 6 turnovers, two blocked kicks and a defensive score is all you should expect from a defense especially aganist a team that had scored a lot of points in their first two games,. What I liked best was that Smith put it on the offense. He said it -they should have played better. Nevertheless in August everyone said we need a quarterback to step up and be 3 -0 when we meet Nebraska and we are The offense will get better. Hope the defense gets stronger. Go pokes.

  4. Its hard to win games when you have a guy like Tashaun Gipson. Who is good for one or two touch downs for the other side. One now an then ok but not evey game. I saw the game Sat. and they worked him over but good back to back plays, And it looked like the same play as before. He was that way last year & to be honest with you it looks like the same this year,
    In my opinion he’s going to hurt the team down the road this year, He just don’t have it out on the corners.

    • I agree Ken that Gipson hasn’t played well. I still think he’s pretty good, but not nearly as good as I once thought. Maybe I had false hopes or expectations for him.

      No doubt, he has to play better. This team needs him to play better. If he doesn’t, we could see more of Burns. We shall see.


    • Nothing out there now, but the MW won’t contract. If anything, if the demise of the Big East and Big 12 happens, it will strengthen the MW somewhat.

      Tough for the MW to be proactive at this point. Look where that got TCU.


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