UW-Nebraska postgame news and notes

I thought Wyoming’s mistakes caused it more problems than Nebraska did, for the most part, in the Cowboys 38-14 loss.

Seven penalties, 20-plus missed tackles, a dropped TD pass by Ogbonna (or at least a long pass play), a missed field goal, failed fake punt.

Nebraska is good, and I really liked RB Rex Burkhead. Guy runs hard, man! Not sure, however if the Huskers are top 10 good.

UW players and coaches weren’t happy after the game, and true freshman quarterback Brett Smith said he hates losing more than anything. Good to hear he doesn’t like it.

But I didn’t think UW was over matched and out manned (that’s the basis of my column Sunday). At times it struggled, but this game was nothing like past beatdowns it took to top 10 teams like Texas, Boise State and TCU. To me that’s a little progress. Thoughts?

A few quick notes:

–Sophomore tight end Spencer Bruce, junior safety Kenny Browder and junior defensive lineman Miraldo Michel played in their first games of the season. Browder had a tackle.

–UW had one sack, and has had at least one in 10 straight games dating back to last season.

–Thought senior CB Tashaun Gipson had his best game of the season. Finished with five tackles, a tackle for loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. The forced and recovered fumble came on one play.

Will post video later on Sunday from a few postgame interviews. See Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for more coverage.

6 thoughts on “UW-Nebraska postgame news and notes

  1. The score sure doesn’t seem like it represents how well the offense played and the team effort as a whole. Without the mistakes, I really think they could have had 27 points at least. What’s up with Alexander and the vanilla plays trying to run it up the middle? Brett Smith can THROW the ball, let’er rip… why not in a game like this? The Defense was “better” this week especially given the jump in talent when you compare our first 3 opponets to Nebraska, but we’re still looking for a more complete game.
    On the positive, no one got hurt and the Pokes didn’t roll over like last year against Texas and Boise… We are where we expected to be and we’ve won the games thus far that we expected to and lost the one that we were likely to lose. I like the fact Robert, where you’ve reported how disappointed the team is… last year it was like “oh well…” I think this game can be turned into a good thing and motivator for the next game and beyond. I feel that knot in my stomach because the Pokes are on that fine line. I hope they make this turn, they have the ability, talent, and heart to be a good football team this year and the next couple years.

    • DC said team felt it could run between the tackles and wanted to so it could shorten the game. Worked in the first half. This team is in a decent place now. Gotta fix the mistakes. But its 3-1.
      Good stuff Brian.


  2. I agree with Brian, the only way we were going to win this game was to score 30-40 points. I understand the game plan, but with that plan we had no chance of winning the game. I can also understand not putting a game like this on the shoulders of a freshman quarterback. The positives are all the young guys out there contributing, the future appears to be bright. The main negative to me was the kicking game. It was just horrific. We don’t have anyone that can kick it out of the end zone at 7200 feet? We are so afraid of a freshman returner we kick it short? That 2nd half kickoff and subsequent return along with the penalty was a huge turning point in the game. I thought this freshman kicker was supposed to be a hot shot, DC has shown no confidence in the kid and it was proven to be correct with that 30 yard fg try. We now have 2 weeks to work on the mistakes, get better and go win what will be a tough game in Logan. Go Pokes!

    • I agree with you in the kicking game. Didn’t have a problem with the offensive gameplan but would have liked to see a little new throwing. There were some plays Uw didn’t hit on in the pass game that the run set up. Hopefully the bye week helps. Food stiff as always Timmy. Appreciate it.


  3. Onto a different subject… one thing that bothers me more than weak areas the Pokes need work on is hearing that there were season ticket Poke fans dressed in Nebraska colors or worse yet, fans wearing the stupid half red, half brown and gold clothing, and then cheering for Nebraska, etc. Watching the game on TV, there was a lot of red, an awful lot of Red. What does that say about our fan base especially when this Poke team isn’t giving in and fighting to the bitter end?

    Both sides of my family settled in Cheyenne but grew up in Nebraska, my grandparents attended the previous Wyo-Neb games in Lincoln and they still showed up wearing Brown and Gold even though their family members were decked out in red. Heck I was even born in Nebraska, spent summers on my grandma’s farm near Kimball. I can understand that their is a lot of Wyoming-Nebraska ties within the fan base but we’ve got to show our support for our team; no way do I show up wearing a hint of red…

    What about the lost traditions at game day in Laramie? Why have I not heard a W-Y-O chant? Where is Pistol Pete? Since we “cashed in” on this game, can Burman put some focus on putting more energy in the fan base? Will we see the 23k like the Texas St. game?

    • I see your points and don’t really know what to say about the fans and their loyalty. Nebraska fans do have a rep of traveling and finding ways to get tickets. Some probably sold their tix. Some Nebraska fans bought season tix. It was an interesting dynamic. Not sure Burman can back traditions. Could order them done but not sure what that would result in. A consistent winner is about the only thing I thin will bring consistent crowds of 23k or in that area. But the trend always has been hit and miss going back 20 and 30 years as far as attendance. A better gateway atmosphere would help and I think it has got better in terms of tailgating, etc. UW football needs to be an event no matter the foe. Don’t know if that will ever happen.

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