UW-Nebraska leftovers

Here are some notes and quotes that didn’t make the newspaper from Wyoming’s 38-14 loss to now No. 8 Nebraska Saturday night.

–True freshman quarterback Brett Smith described the loss as “devastating.” He also said Nebraska was the best and fastest team UW has played thus far (no-brainer there).

–Coach Dave Christensen on Smith: “For his fourth game against the ninth-ranked team in the country, I thought he did a fantastic job of managing the offense.”

–When asked if Nebraska sophomore quarterback Taylor Martinez was all he was cracked up to be, UW senior defensive end Josh Biezuns said “that, and probably a little more.” Still, UW did a good job of defending Martinez, for the most part as he ran for 37 yards and a touchdown, and threw for 157 yards and another TD.

–Christensen described true freshman receiver Josh Doctson’s catch in the corner of the end zone in the fourth quarter as “phenomenal” even though he was ruled out of bounds. Christensen said his assistant coaches in the press box told him Doctson was in bounds. The ruling on the field was he was out of bounds, and after further review the play was confirmed.

–Christensen and Smith thanked the fans and were impressed with the atmosphere in the stadium for the game. For Smith, who at this time last year was a senior in high school, he had never seen anything like it.

–“My point to them was if losing to Nebraska is OK, then we have the wrong guys in this program. We expect to win every week. We expected to win when we kicked it off in this game.” — Christensen

–“Nebraska is a good team but I don’t think they’re 24 points better than us.”

See Monday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle for what UW has in store for its bye week. And, check back soon more a couple of more video interviews with Cowboys’ players from the Nebraska game.



11 thoughts on “UW-Nebraska leftovers

  1. I agree with the last statement. I think the game was closer than the score indicated. If not for the extra 100-120 yards their fresh second stringers picked up against our dog tired D in the forth, the offensive stats would have been very close. Save for about five plays/penalties this would have been a ten point game or closer.

    • Nebraska could of easily put 45 on the board and won by 31. But they ran out the clock. You’re an idiot.

      • There is no reason to call someone an idiot on this blog except of course that might be your entire vocabulary

      • I guess you didn’t see the same game as the rest of us Alex. That or you know nothing about football.

  2. When you drop passes, you lose games. We didn’t drop many in the first three games. We had some big ones against Nebraska. Wyoming has no room for stupid penalties and dropped passes. Loved how we hung onto the ball though. We limit turnovers and get takeaways, we’ll win a lot more games than last year.

    • The pooch kick coming out of was a game changing decision. Watched the game again and NE was lined up and expecting it. The penalty didn’t help, obviously. A stop coming out of half would have been huge for the confidence that was growing going into half. The fake was unnecessary. The game wasn’t out of control, we had just given them great field position on the kickoff, so why try something cute instead of playing field position. Pelini was shown screaming “watch the fake” on TV just before we tried it. We have a better team than in recent years. The offensive line did well and has improved. We need to lose the mindset that we need to try gadgets against these teams every time. They all know it. Wyo has a good team for our league and region so games this year should remain fun to watch and who knows what happens. The talent level has certainly improved.

  3. Down 14-7 at half, I thought the Pokes could hang. But of course you kick off to start the 2nd half and the ball only goes to the 30 yard line NU returns it to the 50, then get a 15 yard penalty… you’re not going to win many games. Our special teams didn’t give our defense much to work with, a lot of short fields.

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