Video: Dave Christensen

The Wyoming football coach talks for nearly 10 minutes in his postgame interview session after the Cowboys’ 38-14 loss to No.  9 Nebraska Saturday. Curious to hear your thoughts on what he says.

2 thoughts on “Video: Dave Christensen

  1. Robert,
    Loved the post-game interviews. The audio was coming through really well!
    The more I think about it, the more that I believe the mistakes and issues ARE fixable and a sign of a young team (i.e. personal fouls). McNeil for instance, I would expect hasn’t heard the last of that penalty he caused… But, I think we’re going to be okay and come out the better from the Nebraska game. Again, it’s not like the Pokes only played for the 1st half like Texas, etc., they could move the ball in the 2nd half, and the defense was doing good things. Just those stupid penalties…

    So with a bye week, what do the Pokes do? Do they focus on fundamentals and the corrections that need to be made, watch game film from games up to now in the 1st week? In the 2nd week, is that more preparation for Utah State?

    • Will be curious how DC handles this bye week. Will ask more Monday but I think they will practice and work on those issues early on the week and then give the players some time off towards the end of the week and send coaches recruiting.


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