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I got this email from a loyal reader who was on the Nebraska sideline as a worker at last Saturday’s football game. This gentleman has been going to games and working games for a long time, and said War Memorial Stadium was as loud as he’s ever heard it.

Here are some of this thoughts and observations:

1.  Nebraska’s players were big, but not any bigger than what we saw from Texas or TCU.

2.  The Pelini brothers were all they were billed to be.  Intense, emotional and swore like mad.  (I never thought a complete sentence could be composed of just swear words until I stood next to them!).

3.  Nebraska’s coaching staff was more worried about their defense then their offense.  They were continually upset with their secondary.  If Wyo would have thrown the ball more it may have been a different game.

4.  Jared Crick (defensive lineman) who didn’t play was in street clothes and was still twice as large as anyone in pads.  Thank God he didn’t play.

5.  The Nebraska coaches were very complimentary of quite a few Wyo plays. Honestly, I was surprised by that.  They voiced their approval of a number of UW players and plays.

6.  When UW tried the fake punt, Nebraska had it called before it happened.

7.  One of the NE players puked his guts out after a play in the first quarter and one of the coaches joking said, “He must be nervous about this game!”

8.  I will never cheer or support NE for anything, but Pelini’s decision to kneel on the ball at the end of the game was a class act.

All in all I don’t think WYO has anything to hang their head about.  It was just a few very stupid and untimely penalties that derailed the Pokes to start the 2nd half.  Young Mr. Smith looked very poised and in control once he got over the initial nerves.  My only complaint with WYO was being too conservative at times with continually trying to run the ball against those behemoths on the front line of NE defense.


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  1. Rg,
    I too was very pleased with the teams play. I never thought we were out of the game until the 4th qrt, by then it was to late to make a come back. I think we should have thrown the ball more especially after Mazi’s TD. That showed me our recievers were able to get open against there DB. It was obvious again on his dropped pass. I felt we left 31 points on the field last saturday if the mistakes had not killed those drives. Anyway I hope they can focus on the D over the next couple of weeks and putting in some additional plays for the O.


    • From what DC said Monday I think some competition will open up on defense this week. I also talked to Brandon and they may come up with a few more things on offense too. Thanks for the comment.Steve.


  2. Nice commentary from a gentlemen on the field, Pelini boys like to curse- they’re experts.
    What if… a game within a game, a catch, a FG, some tackles, a return or two beyond the normal 1/2 yard. One thing is glaring, we had some chances- in time this Offense will be one of the most prolific in Cowboy history. If, we have continuity- don’t lose more quality players and hold onto Smith, Pittser and add some more talent, which undoubtedly will happen with Brandon at the helm. I cannot fathom how in the world we can’t get competency at the kicker spot. This heralded Freshman is flat out BAD. Did you notice the difference on the kickoff between Nebraska’s guy and ours. Lights out better. Watts, was a disaster as well- but he could hit FG’s at important intervals. Sullivan is either not capable or can’t stand the pressure. This is not rocket science. You kick the ball. This is pivotal to Wyoming football. All right RG, spot on with the diligence- and Yes, in spite of all the things that could have happened….we had a shot, a real chance to put a major move on the program, only to pull a Charlie Brown on the pooch kick.
    Get after it Pokes…..we’re heading North. Figuratively speaking, the right direction.

    • Loved the Charlie Brown analogy. I hope Sullivan gets it figured out. Been told he’s good in practice. Gotta carry it over to games.

      Take care Timmy!


  3. RG, your doing a hell of a job on the Blog. Thanks for your time and effort. It’s a daily read for me.

  4. I think all the teams we play now know that DC is gonna pull out some fake punts every now and then. I think we’ve used all we can out of those plays and we need to concentrate on our O to not get us into those situations. Stop using the fakes DC, all of our opponents know that you use them more than most teams!

  5. I think that the Pokes passing game will be their strength along with running between the tackles. Our RB’s don’t have the speed to take it outside. I could be wrong on that. Smith is gaining more confidence each week. From what I saw, he has quick release and very accurate…now only if our receivers can hang onto the ball.

    Anyways…Pokes should be very competitive when conference ball starts.

  6. Finally! There is hope in Pokeland. Here is a prediction: QB Brett Smith will be a National QB award winner of some kind by the time his days in Laramie are over. Pokes win 7 for sure maybe 8 or even 9 and go to a bowl game. The next 3 years they start challenging for MWC Championships. Go Pokes.

  7. The kicking game. It’s a mental thing. Like golf the way to get better is not to concentrate on what your doing wrong but to focus on what is the right way. There is a big difference in those two approahes. We and the coaches need to get off the kickers backs. The Pelini brothers would have loved it if we would have passed more. They could have forgot about the run and fixed their pass defense. When poke offense isn’t balanced we aren’t going to move the ball. In the first 1/4 of the season we have found a replacement for ACS and improved the receiving corp. The defense is still looking for replacements for those that graduated. Its not the defensive cooradinator that is the problem. We are having to wait for players to step up or get replaced and that is what one does the first 1/4 of the year. Utah State which in August looked like a sure win will now be a test for the defense to prove it is growing with experience.

    • @Ron: It’s mental to the point of having confidence and technique. However, when you constantly choke and don’t have the required strength to boot the ball and get it to turn over and rotate in the atmosphere- with the necessary elevation, then it’s a physical element in kicking. We need points, that is what wins games. We need a kicker to consistently utilize our field advantage and altitude for the opposition’s receiving crew to dread the conception of catching and returning a ball out of the end zone. It’s not a personal issue, beyond the fact that we have 3 specialists having duty to kick the damn ball, if they can’t get the deal done. Game over…..find someone who can. Go Pokes.
      This is not Golf, its football…

  8. Timmy Jack You’re Right on!! It’s football. The only similarity between the two games is working on technic. Unless there was close competition in spring and fall workouts our kickers are the best of the lot. So work on confidence and what is the RIGHT WAY Ps our
    German recruit could have kicked it out of the stadium but he is injured. And injury is a bigger part of foottball than Golf No depth no long term winning season. I think we are dept enough to win 7 or more unless Smith goes down and then we will have to ask an inexpeerience player to step up mid seadon. So why no meaningful game time for the back up quarterback? And of course the answer is every game except Nebraska has been in REAL doiubt.

    • @Ron, conclusion is accurate. We need a couple kids that can kick. I think we’ve got the right combo for qb’s on the sidelines- I think like all other quality teams, we go with the best until things turn sour. Kirkegaard got in for 3-4 plays in the Tx State game, granted no meaning but it was a tour of duty in limited proportion. Smitty is awesome, recall that the Bramlets played, Sween played (until he proved unsuccessful), we started that Benjamin kid, until ACS rose to the top. Now, as in the rest of college football and the pro game- you run with your thoroughbred until the deal changes. Confidence and repetition is important and Brett currently is one of the best true Freshmen in the country. Next week we go up against a running game that is a three headed beast. Turbin and Smith are unreal. USU is about thirty seconds away, and some horrible game ending drama from being undefeated. The ref’s in the BYU game homed these Aggies to death, I saw numerous holding calls when Riley from BYU came back on some desperation passes/ to overcome these tough kids from Logan. This should be interesting, and IF we can overcome the Utah State kids, we will be bowl bound in my limited expert analysis. Bottom line, Go with your best- and find some kids to kick the ball- somewhere.

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