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A pretty quiet and uneventful Monday news conference/interview session for Wyoming football.

Coach Dave Christensen was among about seven coaches on the staff out recruiting. Defensive coordinator Marty English took questions from the media, and said no further defensive changes will be made going into the Oct. 29 game at San Diego State.

There is a change on offense, kind of. For that, see Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang. And, check back to see my video interview I will post with offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon.

Talked to junior defensive tackle B.J Sumter for the first time this season. A very nice kid who was on the scout team as an offensive guard until last week. He was a defensive tackle in junior college. But later in the week I will tell you what else Sumter likes to do in his spare time.

No new injury news, and Brandon said the limping you saw true freshman quarterback Brett Smith do near the end of the first half last Saturday against UNLV isn’t serious. English said junior defensive tackle Mike Purcell and true freshman linebacker Mark Nzeocha should be back for San Diego State.

When UW faces San Diego State, it will try to stop the nation’s second-leading rusher is sophomore running back Ronnie Hillman. He averages 138.8 yards per game and has 10 touchdowns.

“He has great speed right off the bat,” English said. “He has tremendous balance and is a patient runner. He picks his holes, sees where he needs to make his cuts, finds those opportunities and then he’s 100 miles an hour. For his size (5-10, 190) he’s extremely strong.”

I think Hillman is the best running back UW will face this season, and its seen some good ones in Nebraska’s Rex Burkhead and Utah State’s Robert Turbin.


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  1. Stop with the all low class amature quality videos already. Why would you ever want to publish videos of such poor quality, over and over again? And to be so dumb as to continually appologize for the dog crap your putting out. If you are dumb enough to know they are bad, aren’t you smart enough to stop publishing them? Get with it. Get big time. Do things right. Act like you are a professional for Chrissakes!! The only thing worse is the Boise Broncos show on the MTN. Bad video, bad audio, bad editing, bad everything.
    Wyo fans deserve better than you are providing. If you can’t do it correctly, STOP!

    • uwaluninidaho, if your not happy with them, DON’T WATCH THEM. I happen to enjoy them. Keep it up Robert, hope they continue for hoops as well.

  2. RG-

    They really are horrible, and embarrassing.
    I was wondering if a 6 year old with an i-pad couldn’t do immeasurably better.
    Thanks for the effort, but this deal must stop.
    Ask the questions, and write the response.

    Go Pokes.

  3. Wow, some hostile fans out there!

    Keep up the good work RG, we all appreciate your efforts covering the pokes!

  4. Videos are great. Sure the quality isn’t the greatest, but last I checked you’re not a cameraman, Gags. I enjoy listening to what the players and coaches have to say during those interviews. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good Lord! This is a blog! It’s not like it’s the official site for the newspaper or something. Casual fans aren’t reading this blog. It’s a place for people that are salivating for additional information about the Pokes that was left out of the newspapers. The videos don’t represent the University or the State. They’re simply a substitute for the tape recorder traditionally used by sports reporters when interviewing a subject. You’ll notice that nearly 100% of the quotes that make it to print come from these interviews, and I think it’s nice that they’re shared with everyone. Gagliardi apologizes for the quality because he’s not distributing a produced video. He’s simply sharing his notes with the rabid fans who always want more information. Really, for how much people complain that the head coach is not allowing enough information to be released to the public, now you have 100% of the raw information collected by the reporters in the form of video notes. You can’t complain about not having enough information, then turn around and complain about how additional information is served to you!

    If you don’t like the videos, don’t watch them. I, for one, find the videos as a good way to understand the tone and context of a quote, which I can’t always fully understand when I read it in print.

  6. Keep em coming RG. Hey Uwalumn and Ted, this aint espn, it is nice to hear what the athletes have to say. dont be such losers.

  7. Maybe uwaluminidaho and ted can get off their butts and do it themselves. Robert is getting additional information that won’t be in the newspaper out to Wyoming fans. If you don’t like them then don’t watch the videos. Pretty simple guys. BTW Robert, keep up the good work.

    • Yea ok, I guess you told us.
      so, a couple of pinheads like em….
      whatever, so now it is personal. (not)

      Beat the Aztecs.
      end of dictation.

  8. Love em hearing and seeing the players & coaches respond is great the minority can pound sand!

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