Wyoming vs SDSU: Live Chat Saturday 10/29 at 7:30 pm

Robert will be making the trip down to sunny San Diego to cover the Cowboys taking on SDSU. He’ll also be hosting a live chat for as long as he can.

Game starts at 8pm MST, but we’ll start chatting around 7:30pm.

Chat window after the break.

5 thoughts on “Wyoming vs SDSU: Live Chat Saturday 10/29 at 7:30 pm

  1. Living in the middle of Smurf Turf country, I think all signs point to Boise leaving for the Big East. I hate the thought of this as this makes the MWC / CUSA as irrelvant as the WAC. Expecially if Houston, Air Force, SMU join the band wagon. What are the odds of the Big East keeping AQ status? Whats your opinion RG

    • Boise State would help in that regard but I still don’t think its enough. But a better question is what will the BCS look like in two or three years. It can make its own rules and when this current cycle ends after 2013 season it could restructure. Also will Big East TV money be the same with all this shake up? It is lobbying it will. Can’t see how though.


      • Robert,

        See if you can get Burman on here with your interview session. Be good to know his thoughts in the mix of this conference scramble. The Big East thing makes me furious, all their quality B-Ball schools can’t wait to get out of the kitchen- and this Bernie Madoff character thats running the league office is out selling snake oil to our loyal members like AFA. How naive can we become at the scent of a few extra dollars? Contact your local senator to put pressure on Mueh and the Academy to honor their tradition to the local area. I think we need to up the pressure on these guys. It’s our tax dollars that support Air Force, and the Academies. Hearing that Marinotti was in town raised the hair on the back of my neck…..Hell he can go to Boise State and promise them the moon, but if I were them I’d be seriously considerate of running his ass out of town after wrapping his bow tie around his lying mouth.

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