UW-New Mexico key to the game

Here is my top key for Wyoming in Saturday’s game with New Mexico. To see my four other keys, check out Saturday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang.

Fast start: The last thing Wyoming needs to do is give New Mexico any early momentum. That was a big factor in the Lobos’ first win of the season last week as they scored on the first play of the game. A fast start is crucial for UW, not to mention a consistent effort throughout the game.

Any thoughts on this? What are your biggest keys to the game?

7 thoughts on “UW-New Mexico key to the game

  1. Tackling, tackling, tackling. How many yards after 1st hit did AFA and TCU get in the last couple of weeks? It was driving me insane!

    And of course, the key to any game is scoring more points than your opponent. (Sorry, it was too easy and “there for the taking”)

  2. i’ll 2nd that, tackle the running back and others and hold on to the football, stay within themselves and hope that they aren’t overhyped, and don’t treat this game as a look ahead to the next two, take care of business at hand and hope by the end that we are “bowl eligible”


  3. RG-

    After reading an Article on ESPN.com, I am curious to your opinion as to the “New Revelations” of the BCS removing AQ Status from all confrences and just concentrating on 1 vs 2. Does this change Boise State / Air Force’s my.d in leaving the MWC?

    • I could be a factor, but the biggest factor for both school’s possible move from the MW is money and exposure. By going to the BE both would make close to 10 times more in TV money alone than what it makes in the MW. And, BE football is on more well-known platforms such as ESPN. If anything if the BCS got rid of AQ status it could hurt Boise and Air Force if it goes to the Big East because with one or two losses, they would be out of BCS bowl contention just like they would be in the MW.

      I think it’s more about money and exposure for these schools at this point.


  4. Just curious…does anyone really know what the tv contract is going to look like for the B.E.??? With all of the top B.E. teams leaving, how can they gaurantee any kind of money…and how can bsu and af believe them? I don’t care if boise leaves. I DO care if AF does.

    • Don’t know exact years, but BE is lobying that each school would make around 8 to 9 million bucks more a year than the MW. It’s close to that now.


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