UW-Boise State key to the game

Here is my No. 1 key for Wyoming to have a chance to upset No. 7 Boise State Saturday:

Sustain drives: The best way for Wyoming to slow down Boise State’s high-powered offense is for its own offense to possess the ball and finish drives with touchdowns. That will be a tall task as Boise State has the Mountain West’s top-ranked scoring and overall defense. But the Cowboys have no chance if their defense is on the field all day against the Broncos’ offense.

What do you think? I have four other keys for the Cowboys, and to see them read Saturday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang.

3 thoughts on “UW-Boise State key to the game

  1. Gigs I agree with sustaining drives, but I think alot of the keys is these kids got to play with a little swagger, believe they can play with these guys. They need to play all out every play. On defense I want to see five guys play harder and tuffer then they’ve played all season, Jones,Harris, Huff and our two safteys because they well get around the edge on us, we better tackle like we belong in this game. On offense we need to catch the ball at all cost ,they will pop our guys hard so they better hold on to the ball. I’d like to see Alexander quit tippy-toeing around and head up field,he needs to hold on to the ball they will pop our backs hard ,like we need to tackle there guys.Two halves like the first half of the San Diego St. game we win this game, but that’s wat it’s going to take maybe.

  2. Keys to the game.
    1) Stop the run.
    2) Hold onto the rock, long sustained drives, rec’s catch every ball.
    3) Protect Smith @ all Costs.
    4) Get a big hit(s) on Moore, guy is not fast- but elusive. see #7.
    5) Score more than 30. We’re perfect at that #.
    6) No special teams gaffes.
    7) Bring the leather.
    ;>- Keep BSU @ or under 30.

    Poke Victory Formula..

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