Tough times at CSU

From the sounds of it, Saturday’s Border War game with Wyoming could be the last for coach Steve Fairchild.|topnews|text|Sports|topnews|text|Sports

9 thoughts on “Tough times at CSU

  1. Since Fairchild is certain to be canned, maybe CSU can look for a coach to restore the glory years and make the Rams at least competitive with Wyoming. Someone like Mike Leach or even Urban Meyer. How about Josh McDaniels ?

  2. Wyoming is not alone, in the Mtn, in its attempt to be competitive in Divison 1. Sonney L’s last few years , & now Steve F at CSU along with Rocky L & Mike L at New Mexico have lost ground . Our own Joe G plus his predecessor have also struggled in recruiting size, speed and depth. They all can’t be lousy coaches! Do you think there is a common denominator in these three programs? If so what is it Dave C did to break the mold? Do you think the loss of BYU, BSU, TCU & Utah hurt recruiting on the front range? Please don’t tell me its changing uniforms into costumes!!

    • I think its hard for midmajor programs to get depth like bigger programs. Kids don’t want to be backups at these schools. DC has recruited well in areas that have worked for him and UW in the past. I think it hurt csu in not recruiting along the front range more. DC had a system and stuck to it.


  3. I hear Dennis Erickson is on the market. Maybe he could give it a One and Done like Wyoming and Idaho (Second Time)!

    Love the uniform scheme for beat the sheep week!

    Go Pokes.

  4. With all of the firings at major schools, have you heard about anyone sniffing around Christensen? I realize that his overall record is not that fantastic, but I think his body of work at Mizzou and the large and tangible improvements with Wyoming should probably put him on a few radars. Or is he more like another year and a conference title away from getting an upgrade at a major school?

    • He could get some sniffs, and I think Illinois may do some sniffing, or at least some over there think he might.

      DC will be on some radars, but he likely is another good year away from possibly landing a real good job — or getting serious looks. Not to say he hasn’t done well at UW, but a lot of these bigger schools need to make splashes with a new hire and DC’s overall record doesn’t do that right now — right or wrong.


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