Another RB challenge for Wyoming’s defense

Wyoming’s defense has allowed seven 100-yard rushers this season, and one 200-yard performance by San Diego State’s Ronnie Hillman.

It faces another quality running back in Saturday’s Border War game with Colorado State in sophomore Chris Nwoke, who ran for 269 yards and two touchdowns in the Rams’ loss to Air Force last Saturday.

“Nwoke is a physical runner and they’re blocking well up front,” coach Dave Christensen said during his Monday news conference. “We need to have guys in position and wrap up. If we don’t he’s going to get a lot of yards. … “He runs down hill, he runs guys over and he has good speed. We need to force him to bounce to other guys.”

UW also plans to prepare to see CSU true freshman quarterback Garrett Grayson, who has started the last two games for injured sophomore Pete Thomas. Grayson is more of a run threat than Thomas.

Some other news and notes from Monday’s interview session with players and coaches:

–Christensen said he would like to see more of his receivers be more productive, especially sophomore Robert Herron who didn’t play much at Boise State due to being sore last week in practice. Christensen expects Herron to be healthier for CSU. Herron is one of UW’s best big-play threats and needs to bust some big plays Saturday.

–UW will wear brown helmets, gold jerseys and brown pants at CSU. Christensen said it got permission from the Mountain West and CSU to do that. Don’t know what CSU will be wearing. If it wears its throw-back orange jerseys, there will be a unique color scheme on the field.

–Senior punter Austin McCoy earned MW Special Teams Player of the Week honors, the third of his career and first this season.

–Team captains this week are senior linebacker Brian Hendricks and senior offensive tackle Clayton Kirven.

–No injuries or depth chart changes to report.

Got some good stories planned for this week’s Border War. Be sure to read the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang. See the blog now for a video interview with redshirt freshman Sam Stratton as he talks about his “Wild Sam” offense.

9 thoughts on “Another RB challenge for Wyoming’s defense

  1. Gigs I know this is off topic,but are you the only one asking questions at Dave’s press comfernce.Where is every body. Get a few extra press passes I’m sure there’s some guys off of the message board that would like to ask a few questions. Christ Fairchild, Patterson, Calhon never shut up for 30 min. each Drag a few off the streets in Larimie living it up a little. Dave looks bored sometimes to me, grill him a little.

    • He does a teleconference with some radio and other media members before he takes questions from those are there. Myself and the writer from Casper usually ask most of the questions. Don’t know why that is. It’s a news conference not for the public. Not sure he would want the public there. Not my call on that one.


  2. RG,
    Off the subject but should we as fans be very worried about Christian jumping ship with so many opening now? He seems like a guy to finish what he has started and not bolt and I personally think he has been a straight shooter with the fans maybe not what they want to hear. He also seem like a type that would be picky where he would go with the right support from administrators and facilties. It just would be a shame… Any rumors besides the KU out there? OR Tom Burnman working on a higher compensation and contract?



    • Anything is possible with these coaching situations, but I’m certain Burman is working on doing what he can to extend Christensen,s contract or do what he can. Illinois might show some interest. But DC also knows, as you said, the job isn’t done here yet and if he can have more consistent success it will lead to bigger things here or elsewhere.


    • DC will leave when he leaves or gets fired. That I know. Why do we always seem to talk about it? I think he has a good thing going here and would leave if his “dream” job opened up and came calling similar to Shyatt. But, he’s put in a lot of work to get the cowboys where they are and probably wouldn’t want to go to anything other than his dream job to rebuild that project.

      DC should be rewarded for 2 bowls in 3 years. Not sure what Burman can do with the salary, but I know a lot of DC’s money comes from winning games, maybe they can extend his contract, increase his base a little and increase his bonus/supplemental. We all know we can’t pay TCU/BSU money but they could see about making him the 3rd highest in the MW. my penny.

      • UW can always extend contracts, and have in the past. It’s still limited on being able to give big raises.


  3. Interesting that we are allowed to wear the Gold/Brown combo. Thumbs up though!

    And Washington State has now entered the Coaching Pool.

    Starting to get a little nervous.

  4. What makes DC a bit of an unknown is that he is the opposite of his predecessor, Joe Glenn, in his openess to the press & public. DC doesn’t have a TV show or restricts practices to the public, etc., etc. Not making judgement, if that’s what DC needs to win games, then so be it.

    Just as the Pokes are a young team, DC is a young Head Coach. Some would question his clock managment, play calling, and so on (myself included), but this is a 3rd year head coach and I think he’s done well enough to get some mild interest by other programs. If he weren’t, then we’d be in a much different situation.

    DC definitely keeps his cards close to his chest and I cannot fault him one bit. I hope to see DC stay and build a dynasty; hope that Laramie and Wyoming grows on him and his family that he’ll stay. However, as I’ve posted before, the shelves are stocked with Brandon (he’s coached at Laramie before and has a pretty impressive resume in his own right) if DC chooses to leave. But I do get the impression DC won’t leave until he’s really built this program back to the top of the MW. Won’t be surprised if Burman sweetens DC’s and Brandon’s contracts.

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