3 thoughts on “Live Blog: Wyoming vs CSU – December 3rd 11:30am

  1. It was pretty clear that Sam Stratton looked pretty good, and confident in the wildcat late in the game last week. Will we see more of this versus Colorado State? Will he seeing the field more perhaps playing slot? And what is your opinion on him?

    • Dave Christensen was coy this week when asked if we will see more of Stratton in the “Wild Sam” this week, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him some.

      Don’t see him in the slot this week. Haven’t seen him there much all season, but then again, we didn’t see him much running out of the QB spot until last week so you never know.

      I like Stratton a lot. Smart, athletic kid who still needs to get bigger but someone with enough know-how and ability to help this team in certain areas.


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