UW-CSU postgame thoughts

A typical Wyoming football game: Flashes of great plays mixed in with some bad ones, but in the end UW makes enough plays to win.

That’s the topic of my column in Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, but that about sums up Saturday’s 22-19 win over Colorado State Saturday at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium.

Was very impressed with the way sophomore Brandon Miller ran the ball. Maybe he should be back at running back. Had 36 yards on six carries, but most of those came on UW’s game-winning touchdown drive in the fourth quarter.

Liked the two deep throws true freshman quarterback Brett Smith threw to true freshman Josh Doctson for touchdowns. UW needs to have a deep threat, and Doctson seems to be that guy. UW needs a receiving threat, period, and hasn’t had one since junior Chris McNeill was lost for the season with an injury at Air Force.

Three turnovers by Smith (two interceptions and a fumble). Cause for concern? Maybe a little. One interception was bad, the other was more like a glorified punt. Got to cut down on the fumbles and know when to throw it or go to the ground. Smith said as much after the game.

And how about the defense? Horrible at times (especially the third quarter) but all it does is make plays at key times. Marqueston Huff, Blair Burns, Mike Purcell, Tashuan Gipson. It’s always someone. Got to hand it to that group.

The game got chippy and there were seven personal fouls and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the game. Don’t know if that’s typical for most Border Wars, but the emotion was there. Even Smith said he didn’t realize how intense it was until the first quarter.

He also said he can’t wait to play in the game next year.

UW can’t wait to play in bowl game, which should be known Sunday. With No. 6 Houston losing, the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego became a distinct possibility. TCU could get in to a BCS bowl now. If that’s the bowl UW will play Louisiana Tech of the WAC. If the Poinsettia doesn’t work out, the Independence and New Mexico bowls look real good now with UW at 8-4, 5-2 in the league and alone in third place in the conference.

Eight wins, three straight over CSU and the Bronze Boot stays in Laramie for at least another year, as one player said after the game: “It’s a good day to be a Cowboy.”

14 thoughts on “UW-CSU postgame thoughts

  1. What a nerve racking game. So glad we came away with a win. Big concern again is the KICKING game. The coaching staff need to go find a kicker that can get it into the end zone. Looking forwad to the bowl game.

    • Apparently we’ve got a kicker from Australia committed. Who knows if he plays Rugby or Soccer, but the bottom line our Special Forces haven’t gotten the job done. According to one blog, we’re returning 44 scholarship players. This team has overcome the odds to win games we perhaps shouldn’t have and the Defense in all honesty has made the plays it had to to preserve extremely close games when it appeared differently to fans hanging onto their expletives in the midst of cliff hangers. 8-4 is huge with a frosh like Smith at the helm. Towards the tail end of the season, he has performed averagely. I think losing Muhammad and McNeil hurt our chances offensively to put games away, and maybe even snag a win @ home against TCU. We’ve come a long, long way this year. We probably don’t have a lot of respect outside of the loyal fans who have weathered this season, but this team believes in its ability. That is the determining factor in playing this game. Our Coach, our team, our fans believe that we can win and it’s gaining energy towards conference contention, whatever is left looking forward in the ever changing landscape in college football. Go Pokes, proud of you and yes I believe too. I’m making the trip wherever we’re Bowl bound.

        • Outstanding job RG, I was blogging aka Phillipe Calderon’ in the CSU contest. We sensed the mo shifting constantly, I love this team man. Kudo’s to an exemplary commitment to a wild and memorable 2011. Maybe we can hook up for a Cowboy Cocktail at Bowl Central. Go Shyatt, this is unreal.

  2. You didn’t comment that the defense was forced to play too much We went three and out too often early in the third quarter. We had few sustained drives. CSU has run well the last half of the year aganist defenses other than the Pokes. Offense gave it up three times and the defense got it back three times. The last two game the defense has scored 8 of our points. In this particular game I think you are harping on the wrong side of the ball.

  3. Robert,

    Timmy really summed it up! I was in complete disarray watching the 3rd quarter with a number of explitives coming outta my mouth, but the Pokes found a way to win, that has been the theme this year from game one against Weber St.! I felt that the taunting and personal fouls was unacceptable by the Pokes, but if you watched Brett Smith, there was a lot of words traded back and forth and the Pokes played into CSU’s hands in that regard…

    The Pokes have some things to work on defensively, but I think coach DC said it best that the defensive unit numbers don’t mean a thing, it’s making the plays that count. As much as coach English has been blasted, he deserves the credit for instilling the never say die attitude. I really believe the Pokes are on the cusp of being an awesome team.

    I hope the Pokes go to New Mexico or Las Vegas. As much as San Diego might be a “better” bowl competition wise and more practice time, I like many Poke fans could not afford nor get the time for San Diego. I’m guessing TCU gets snubbed for BCS, as well as Boise St. Even with Houston, Va. Tech losing and Oklahoma St. winning big, Alabama will still get to play for the National Championship… the BCS “rules” don’t mean anything. If doing what is right meant anything, BOTH TCU AND BOISE should be in the BCS!

    • I think Vegas would be the place most UW fans want to go, but between Boise and TCU I don’t see it happening.

      Good point on San Diego in terms of cost, but hopefully UW and/or the bowl can put together a decent travel package that’s affordable. I wouldn’t be upset with New Mexico at all.

      Thanks, Brian.


  4. Gigs I have know way of knowing. But I think TCU gets a BCS bowl the Sugar Bowl. They should.Wyoming to New Mexico Bowl. Boise State to Vegas. Air Force to Independence.San Diego to Ponsetti Bowl this makes most sents to me., will see in a few hours.

    • If TCU gets a BCS bowl Wyoming could easily end up in Poinsettia Bowl. Hoping for that or New Mexico.


  5. … at 5:20pm MST Sunday 4 December it is looking like Wyoming is going to the New Mexico Bowl. MWC seemingly has made placements with both Poinsettia (TCU) and Las Vegas (Boise St) Bowls, while Independence has chosen North Carolina and Missouri. Hawaii Bowl has taken Southern Mississippi and Nevada.

  6. CSU should hire Dennis Erickson as its next head football coach. That way a loser coach could go to a loser school. It would be a match made in heaven.

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