Shyatt shows sense of humor

Wyoming men’s basketball coach Larry Shyatt is as serious as the next guy when he’s coaching his players, whether it’s in practice or in a game.

But he also has a great sense of humor, and that was on display during his teleconference with the media Thursday.

Over the last few weeks, Shyatt has talked about adding more to UW’s offense over the holiday break leading up to conference play. He said last week some new wrinkles have been added, but probably more on defense.

He then said this: “We may add a touch here and there offensively, but we’re so gifted offensively that I didn’t think we had to touch much.”

He was kidding, of course, as UW shoots about 47 percent per game, including 33 percent from 3-point range and averages 66.8 points per game.

When you’re 13-2, it’s probably easier to have a sense of humor about that.

UW didn’t practice Wednesday as it returned to Laramie from Tuesday night’s 76-70 win at Utah Valley via bus. Shyatt said he had time to watch the game film from the Utah Valley game twice on the bus ride home. He said immediately after teh game he didn’t like what he saw from his team in the game’s first 37 minutes, but liked the final three minutes. After seeing the film twice, Shyatt said the first 37 minutes wasn’t as bad as he once thought.

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, especially the last three minutes,” he said.

The team practiced twice Thursday. It’s next game is Monday at home against Idaho State, the Cowboys’ final non-conference game before their Mountain West opener a week from Saturday at home against New Mexico.

See Friday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang on why the home-and-home series with Utah Valley and Idaho State are good for UW, and what Shyatt would like to see improve from his team defensively.

9 thoughts on “Shyatt shows sense of humor

  1. Liked the way the players responded to the UW fans after the Utah Valley game.

    Show some of that graditude towards the student section in the double A and watch the students show their support for this team.

  2. I am going to boldy and proudly state that I was the loud mouth that started the W-Y-O chant at the end of the game at Utah Valley. It sounded pretty good on the radio replay i listened to. Classic stuff! Their fans didn’t know what to think when the chant got going.

    Also RG I wanted to use your site to put a shot out to all the Star Valley Fans that made the trip to Idaho State and UVU. At Idaho State I heard that Dave and Kevin as well as Coach Shy gave a shot out to “all the Jackson fans at the game” . Yes they did bring a good group but the Star Valley fans outnumbered them 2-1 as I looked over the crowd real well and recognized the vast majority of fans from Star Valley. Jackson would have had 1\4 of those fans at best if Rob wasn’t on the team.

    • I don’t believe Shyatt has a coaches show. If there’s anything it would be on UW’s website. Think it’s the same thing as Christensen from the fall. He didn’t have a coaches show, either.


  3. I like what I am seeing from the team. Some resiliency and composure that were not present in teams past with the two previous coaches. I knew we had some athletes, but it is great to see Shyatt and his staff being able to develop that talent. While I don’t think Wyoming will be conference champions this year (or perhaps next), but I do see some big leaps forward in terms of high level competitiveness. Going to the NIT is a distinct possibility, as well as perhaps going at least to the 2nd round. Post season play is certainly achievable in one form or the other.

    • I definitely think postseason is a possibility. The NIT would be huge for this team at this point and time.


      • Well, there is that 3rd tournament (can’t remember the name offhand) that chooses after the NIT. Though if Wyoming can pull an upset or two over this season over the big 3 teams in the MWC this year, then they will definitely get a look by those lower 2 tournaments.

        Still, taking off the rose colored glasses, there is a lot of room for improvement with the team. While the defense can help them stay in a game when the offense isn’t clicking, there still has to be a whole lot more offense than what Wyoming has shown. Not just that, but rebounding needs whole lot of work on both offense and defense.

        • Any postseason would be good for this team at this point, I think.

          I agree with you about the offense and rebounding. It will be a challenge every game for UW to hold its own in both areas. They’re just not that skilled or deep enough to be stellar there at this point. But good enough to win games in the MW and be in most thanks to the defense.

          Good stuff Josh, as always.


  4. You can bet in 3 years UW will be making a huge statement in the BB community. The guys we have coming in next year to mess with this years fresh… another year to let coaches cherry pick. We will be a team that is very very scary.

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