UW-New Mexico key to the game

What’s the biggest thing the Wyoming men’s basketball team must do to have a chance to beat New Mexico today?

Big play from the bigs: Wyoming must get good efforts from junior forward Leonard Washington and senior center Adam Waddell. Both need to play well offensively and defensively, but also need to avoid foul trouble and stay on the floor against New Mexico seniors Drew Gordon and A.J. Hardeman. Freshman Larry Nance Jr. and senior walk-on Rob Watsabaugh also need to play well for UW, but it starts with Washington and Waddell.

What do you think? I have four other keys for the Cowboys in today’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, along with an interesting look at how UW forward Leonard Washington and New Mexico’s Drew Gordon took similar paths to where they are today.

8 thoughts on “UW-New Mexico key to the game

  1. Robert you are a really good writer, you know your stuff. I agree with you about Adam Waddell, I sure hope they are ready today or it could be long afternoon but your score prediction could be spot on and if the cowboys loose be a close score like you predicted then it wouldn’t be a total loss. I just hope you are right.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Brian. Hope I have the score right but the teams are switched around. LOL.
      Hope you enjoy the game.


  2. It just occurred to me how Coach Shyatt has used walk-ons in his two years in Laramie. Do you remember the last time her was here, Justin French started as the #4-man? If memory serves, Justin arrived as a walk-on under Joby Wright– and now works in Casper as a financial adviser of some type.

    Now Coach Shyatt is using Rob Watsabaugh in a key reserve role.

  3. Ooooopppppsss my bad I must have misread your Q and A. It is that dyslexia kicking in I guess. Well I hope it is a blow out by Wyoming but I doubt that will happen. Even if I offered Steve Alford 10 bucks to sit Gordon on the bench the whole game I don’t think he would go for it LOL!!!!! Well have a good weekend and GO POKES!!!!!!!

    • I’d throw in 10 bucks with you to Alford, but I still don’t think he would go for it. LOL.


  4. So how many folks are in the stands today? I know they were expecting up to 6K, but is it more or less?

      • I remember when 6,000 was a poor showing for mediocre teams with under .500 records at this stage of the season.

        New Mexico was picked to win the league for a reason.

        7 minutes without points is never good.

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