UW-Boise State Q&A

Nick Jezierny of the Idaho Statesman newspaper in Boise and who covers Boise State men’s basketball answered five questions I had for him about Saturday’s game with Wyoming in Laramie.

Has the injury bug and off-the-court issues settled down some for Boise State to establish some sort of consistency among the starting lineup and rotation? The Broncos are healthy now, meaning that all 12 guys are back in action. But Elorriaga’s finger still is broken, so that’s still a little of an issue. And Hadziomerovic missed so much practice time with a broken foot that he has what he’s called “spaghetti legs” and only is playing for short spurts so far.

What has Boise State done well in its three conference wins? I think the main thing is balanced scoring, and by that, I mean scoring inside and outside. When Kenny Buckner gets easy buckets in the paint, it opens things up for the 3-pointers or clears the lane for drives to the basket. Also, Boise State has defended and rebounded better in its second run through the Mountain West.

Wyoming was playing pretty good basketball when it went up to Boise and won. But the Cowboys have lost four straight heading into Saturday‚Äôs game, are you surprised by that? Yes and no. When I first saw Wyoming in person, I was more impressed with the whole rather than the parts. I haven’t got to see many of the recent losses, so maybe teams are attacking them differently in the second half of conference play. Maybe coaches are figuring them out? Or, maybe it’s the law of averages evening out a bit. I figured the Cowboys would be around .500 this year in conference play, and that’s about where they are headed.

What are the biggest keys for Boise State to leave Laramie Saturday with a win?Speed up the game. Shoot at a high percentage, rebound and play with confidence.

What are the biggest keys for Wyoming to win the game? Dictate the pace of the game. Make Boise State work for everything on offense and make them defend for 30-33 seconds on every possession and win the battle of the boards.