UW-UNLV postgame thoughts

Wyoming was close to beating No. 17 UNLV here at the Thomas & Mack Center, but foul trouble, turnovers and missed shots late cost the Cowboys in a 74-63 loss Saturday night.

The 11-point loss matches UW’s most lopsided (if you consider 11 points lopsided) of the season.

The Cowboys have played the three best teams in the MW, San Diego State, New Mexico and UNLV, to nine points, 10 points and 11 points on the road. The SDSU game went into overtime and UW beat UNLV in Laramie.

They are close to beating these teams. We will see how much closer Thursday when the Cowboys and Rebels play again in the quarterfinals of the MW Tournament at 9:30 p.m.

This game was odd in terms of fouls — 46 in all.

Senior point guard JayDee Luster fouled out after getting a technical foul. Senior center Adam Waddell fouled out and junior forward Leonard Washington, and senior guard Francisco Cruz and Arthur Bouedo each had four.

Washington about got a technical after he picked up his fourth foul early in the second half.

Fans here didn’t like many of the calls, and you could tell coach Larry Shyatt didn’t like a lot of the calls on his guys.

Liked the way Cruz played offensively with 16 points and 4 of 4 from 3. But he couldn’t catch up to UNLV senior guard Kendall Wallace — hampered by a bad knee all season — on back-to-back 3s in the second half. UW cut the UNLV lead to 50-47 prior to Wallace’s heroics. Cruz fouled Wallace on the second one and the lead was back to 10.

Liked the play of true freshman forward Larry Nance Jr. with eight points and seven rebounds. He made his second 3 of the season, and no, he didn’t have to call “bank” like his first at San Diego State.

Will be interesting to see how these two teams play Thursday in the rematch. Sophomore forward Mike Moser made his case for Player of the Year in the league with 17 points and 12 rebounds. Four UNLV players scored in double figures. UW needs to do a better job inside against Moser and senior Brice Massamba, who had 15 points.

Keeping Waddell and Washington out of foul trouble would help. However, Waddell was impressive as he drew three charges.

See Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for more on the game, and see Monday’s Tribune Eagle for what coach Larry Shyatt said about playing UNLV twice on its home floor in less the week heading into the conference tournament.

10 thoughts on “UW-UNLV postgame thoughts

  1. Gigs I saw on the Rebel net board where coach shyatt is now the second most hated coach after alford because they said he’s bitching about the tourny in vegas home court. Well we know wyoming people like to go to vegas, but maybe should alternate it every other year to denver. They say it was a flop in denver,but you got to remember when it was in denver wyoming and csu was down. New Mexico travels well wyoming also when they have a pretty good team maybe csu if in denver they normally don’t travel too well if not close to home. How about vegas following there team out of vegas for a change , I’d bet they’ed bitch if it was at the pit.You wait when those other teams come into the conference speacially Nevada they’ll really complain.Hell you probally got to play vegas sometime might as well be right off the bat. Ihope Jay Dee apolagized to the big Sweddish (flopping) Fish.

    • Shyatt is more upset that he has to play back to back road games with UNLV. Don’t blame him on that but it us what it is.


  2. We have to play them some where but since it is there home court make them play the first game not the last where they can have a sell out, but it is all about money. Last night game seam to me that the official was not going to let wyo win. Thanks

  3. See gigs I’ve been to the tourny in vegas and I like going to vegas. But the problem I see is vegas by not there oun fault there mostly allwiays pretty good, and when there playing at vegas it dosen’t do the conference any good if there allwiays in the championship game on there home court. Be better sometimes if maybe a couple other teams play for the championship, maybe a upset or two.Wasn’t that one year in Denver we played SDSU in overtime for the championship. We got three locks this year and that might be all we get if U.N.M, SDSU, UNLV play one another in championship.All I can say is the boys need to strap it up and go play smart tuff ball they can win this one

    • If UNLV was winning the tournament every year or even getting to the title game there might be more complaining. UNLV has had its share of success but it hasn’t dominated. Still would like more if a true neutral site for this event.


  4. I thought that if Wyo kept the game close in the second half, the refs would step in and give UNLV the benefit of the calls. Twice in a row UNLV pushed off our players to get the ball and then scored, of course NO FOUL was called. During the whole game Martinez was pushed and shoved, knocked to the ground but no foul was called. They are a well coached in how to flop like a fish out of water. Loved it when Luster put the Swede on his fat kester. Should have been done sooner. UNLV playing their last game at home and then playing in the tournement at home the next week is ridiculous. Their schedule should be where their last game is an away game. Can not blame Shyatt for being upset. The conference should do something about this kind of scheduling. I don’t care if it is Wyo or some other team they would be just as upset.

  5. Pokes are going to win this first round game. Shyatt will have our men ready to deal the death blow to Vegas entirely overblown egos. That’s my thought and sticking to it.

  6. After watching the UNLV-Wyoming game Saturday night, UNLV should change their name from the Running Rebels to Running Floppers. Looks like Dave Rice brought the BYU flopping style to Las Vegas with him. I think the comment about Shyatt being the second most hated coach is ridiculous.

    • Best Coach in the MWC, his name Sheriff Shy. One bad ass hombre, and his Cowboys know it. Beat the REBS.

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