Cowboys host Bison in CBI first-round game

The Wyoming men’s basketball team knew it wasn’t going to play in the NCAA Tournament, and it was hoping for the NIT.

Instead, it got word late Sunday night it will play in the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) and hosts North Dakota State at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Laramie.

Thoughts, opinions?

Do you even care enough to give your thoughts or opinions?

As I wrote in my Sunday column, it’s what UW makes of it.

Do the Cowboys want their season to end without trying to make a run in any sort of tournament? One got that impression in the 2008-09 season, when UW went to the CBI and lost its only game to Northeastern 64-62 in Laramie in a game where the players – and fans – seemed not to care if the Cowboys played or not.

But this UW team isn’t anything like the 08-09 squad.

“I really just want to play again with these other five guys,” said senior point guard JayDee Luster after the Cowboys’ 56-48 loss to UNLV in the quarterfinals of the Mountain West Tournament last Thursday.

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It would be nice if fans became interested, and perhaps they will if UW is fortunate enough to win Wednesday and possibly host another game, and possibly another. At least the first game won’t conflict with any of the NCAA Tournament games. I think if UW fans had to choose between watching NCAA Tournament games or a live CBI game in Laramie. … well, you know where I’m going with this.

There are some interesting story lines within this year’s CBI. UW and TCU are on the same side of the bracket and could play each other in the semis if both win their first two games. Butler is on the other side of the bracket, along with Pittsburgh of the Big East. In Wednesday’s game, UW junior guard Luke Martinez gets to play against a school from his native North Dakota. He is from Bismarck.

Heck, maybe center Adam Waddell may have another breakaway dunk and do a complete flip afterwards like he did in the 2009 CBI game against Northeastern?

OK, I might be grasping for straws here, but the bottom line is UW is playing in the postseason. If anyone would have told you this team would win 20 games and be in ANY postseason tournament after winning just 20 games the previous two seasons, most of you would be pretty happy with that.

Let’s hope the players feel the same and show it on the court starting Wednesday night.

For more on this story, see Monday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

17 thoughts on “Cowboys host Bison in CBI first-round game

    • Because there were quite a few upsets in other conference tournaments — big and small had a trickle down effect down to the NIT. And, I think UW’s finish down the stretch didn’t help.


  1. I won’t be able to go to the game due to a time conflict on Wednesday night, but I am looking forward to hearing about the game. Hopefully it will be a better showing than last time! I think this is a nice reward for a team who worked its tail off this entire season, and in reality played well above expectations. I think the team needs more development, but a couple extra games in a tournament at the end of the year could really help things going into next year. Good luck Pokes!

  2. After what this program has gone through the past couple of years isn’t this at the very least a good foundation to build on? I would have liked to have seen them in the NIT but realistically I can’t complain too much about this.

    • If the team chooses to use this as a good foundation to build on, it will be. It’s up to them.


  3. To bad its not on TV. I live 40 miles north of the Mexican border near Lukes home town of Nogales. A real long drive from here.

  4. I am a bit shocked that the Mountain West didn’t get a bit more respect and get at least one team in the NIT. For a conference that was rated so high to have four in the NCAA and then 0 in the NIT seemed a bit odd. Glad these seniors get to play in the postseason. We all should be very proud of how this program is improving…a few wins in this tourney could help the overall health of the program and its mentality for next year.

  5. the way i look at it, any extra games can only help this team, they’ve been lots of fun to watch this year and I’m truly looking forward to it, students or not….hopefully Cheyenne-Laramie come out to give support where it’s due…GO POKES

  6. I think it is great that the Cowboys made it to the CBI tourney. Hope that they can make a good run in it. This is a great reward for the coaches, players and fans. Need a good crowd esp. the students, this would help for us to get more home games if we win. Playing in a tournement can only help build the program for the furture.
    RG- Do you think Legerski might be interested in recruiting any Wyoming High School girls this season? ( Madison Forney from Rawlins is a big inside player that Wyoming could use. )

    • The students aren’t there this week because of spring break. Legerski has one scholarship left and he’s after a JC kid. He does like the Jackson girl from Natrona who is a 6-1 sophomore but so do a lot of bcs type schools.


  7. Coming from out of town to watch the game Wednesday night. The weather should be good so I hope alot of out- of- towners show up. It would be nice if the students showed better support. The bigger the crowd the better chance to have another home game if we win.

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