College Football News ranks UW No. 93 came out with its rankings of the nation’s 124 Football Bowl Subdivsion teams in 2012.

Surprisingly, it had Wyoming No. 93. Here’s what it said about the Cowboys:

93. Wyoming  (2011 Record: 8-5, 2012 Roughly Projected Record: 5-7) 

Wyoming always seems to regress to the mean following a stunning, out-of-the-blue season. Quarterback Brett Smith is coming off a breakout season, but he can’t play defense. The Cowboy line couldn’t stop anyone’s running game, and it’s not going to be any closer to becoming a rock this year. That’ll be a big, big problem with Texas, Nevada, Air Force, Fresno State, and Boise State all on the schedule before November. Things ease up a bit late, but the midsection could be just rough enough to keep the program from getting back to a bowl game.

Thoughts, opinions on this? I thought the ranking was low, but I see the point it makes with the defense. I thought the unit made improvements in the spring, but it has to show it on the field.

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8 thoughts on “College Football News ranks UW No. 93

  1. I’d agree with the first sentence of the article, but this is a bit surprising considering a few of the teams they rank above UW:

    Indiana – (2011 record, 1-11)
    CU – (2011 record, 3-10)
    Duke – (2011 record, 3-9)
    Bowling Green – (2011 record, 5-7)

    Put this article on the bulletin board for motivation!

  2. That seems a bit low. I guess I would consider them to be in the 70s rather than 93. It seems like UW is starting to fill some of the gaping holes in the lines and there looks to be some improvement in defending the run. Nice depth in corner and safeties as well.

    What I am really curious about is how Boise is going to do this next year. They seem to have lost a lot of their leadership to the draft. 8 wins? 10 wins? Or will they be in good position for another undefeated (or nearly so) run? I can’t get a good read off of them so far…

  3. These morons always place us in the lower half each and every year. Good thing about this staff ..unlike the previous coaching staffs will make a statement. They have each of the last 2 years. First year Dave comment was “we have not played a game” Last year he kept quiet and proved them all wrong.. This year by his measurement is the best team top to bottom so far. I see us competing all the games.. Texas I think we will suprise them and hold it to a close game.. will not win but play a decent game overall.. Bottom line until we continue to play great football year in and year out we will be listed in the same place…..but then again its not where you start that counts….LOL GO POKES .

  4. Bahh! I hate reading those predictions and ask Dave Christensen what he thinks of them! It’s motivation to prove the critics wrong. Robert, I trust your assessments a whole lot more than someone that is giving just a passing glance. You have a vested interest in keeping tabs on UW FB, rather than some sports writer (and I’m guessing here) the east coast.

    BTW… I have a neighbor a couple of doors down from me that works as a sound guy at FB events, college and professional. He was telling me that theMtn TV network was really just a small time outfit in the Comcast building. It used basically a TV set and a Production room to put film/broadcasts together. He said that the Mtn TV network wasn’t really giving a whole lot of $$ back to the conference, that it was just basically paying for itself. This guy also mentioned that the rumor mill has it that more games will be picked up by a regional network or something like CBS Sports, etc. which are all are wanting more programming but you the fan won’t know if your team will be on TV until 1-2 weeks before the game…

    If ithis is the case, then why can’t schools like Wyoming take control of their own destiny? Hear me out, Does UW have a media/communications program? If a Wyoming FB game is not being televised or made available to the UW fan base, why then can’t UW step in, and run their own streaming service and let it be a function of the media/communications program? If it’s an away game that is not televised, then give the home school a cut of the income… I’d probably pay $10-15 per streaming game… It would be a win/win for everyone involved, providing an educational experience for UW students, and it is a revenue source!

    • Wyoming can stream games over the internet but there is no station, talent or equipment in at these small stations to do TV. Not with decent production. UW does not have in-house ability, money or equipment. It’s a simple matter of economics. Ibwoild think some road games will be picked up and maybe some local.stations can pay a fee for the feed. But only two stations in casper go statewide. UW is in no position to take on TV on its own or pay money for it, at least not a lot of money.


  5. The prediction is more about how the nationwide media views the Mtn without its three superstars and the soon to be leaving (rebuilding) Boise group. The fact that the Pokes are getting better is lost in the conference getting worse. Our conference needs to improve strength of schelude and win big time (like Texas). Phil Steele’s prediction, while still a guess, will be more telling than any other prediction. When building a reputation losing to Temple was more crushing than when we were clobbered by Oklahoma in the Feista or falling just short aganist Iowa in the Holiday. When building a better progam you measure by winning games and let the reputation follow. Go Pokes

    • Best point I’ve ever read from you, Ron.
      Spot on. Win a marquis game, and quit getting hammered by the likes of Utah State, and Temple on national TV. I think we’re in it to win it this year. Just a got instinct.

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