Ranking the MW football coaches

The Sporting News recently ranked the 10 Mountain West football coaches. Here’s the link to the rankings:


What do you think?

If it were me I would have the same top four, although I would have swapped Air Force’s Troy Calhoun and Nevada’s Chris Ault at 2 and 3. But I see why Ault was second. He’s been there a long time and won a lot of games. But Calhoun has done nothing but win

I think Wyoming’s Dave Christensen is on the rise, and will continue to be if he consistently produces winning seasons and bowl games.

No. 5 is a little high for Colorado State’s Jim McElwain simply because he’s not been a head coach before. Not saying he’s a bad coach, but it’s different being the head man and CSU in not Alabama. I would have bumped San Diego State’s Rocky Long to No. 5 and put McElwain at No. 6, or even put New Mexico’s Bob Davie at No. 6 or No. 7.

Hawaii’s Norm Chow has been around for a long time, but like McElwain, has never been a head coach. No. 7 may be a bit high for him right now.

I also think Fresno State’s Tim DeRuyter could move up the list fast. Another guy who is a head coach for the first time, but he knows his stuff and has been in the MW before with Air Force. If Frenso State stays healthy and adapts to his staff’s new systems, watch out for the Bulldogs.

Fun topic to talk about. Would love to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “Ranking the MW football coaches

  1. I just can’t put my finger on Bobby Hauck. Yes, the cupboard was bare when he arrived, and it takes a few years to rebuild, but he seems to be hitting either a lot of hard breaks or a general misunderstanding of the nuances of FBS football as compared to FCS. I look at Joe Glenn with those same thoughts. He was a great Div 2 and FCS coach, but just couldn’t make the jump. Then again, in talking to people about Joe, he was a great motivator but he didn’t have a complete grasp of the x’s and o’s. We need only look at the offense over those years for proof.

    So is Hauck’s days numbered? Does he see a little light this next season? I hope so, because I really like his hard nosed attitude and enthusiasm, as well as his seeming ability to call a spade a spade.

    • Hauck is fine and there’s been progress. He has support from his administration and is doing it with young kids


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