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Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune wrote a good and interesting article today about the athletics budgets for Mountain West schools, including San Jose State and Utah State that join in 2013-14.

Here’s the link:

As you can see, Wyoming isn’t at the bottom anymore like it was in the past. Still, UW must find ways to increase that budget in the coming years. This isn’t something AD Tom Burman and his staff don’t already know.

Any thoughts or opinions on this? I found it interesting the two top schools — UNLV and New Mexico — are horrible in football at this point and time. Wonder what that all means down the road. You know a lot of those schools’ resources are going to basketball. … among other things. Will this change?

Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “MW athletics budgets

  1. The budget is always one of the important things not only in sport. The higher budget the better results. But not always. The key thing is team play. And the coach with charisma.

  2. It’s nice that we aren’t at the bottom anymore, but it also is because of our the new entrants as we all know. Success will only help increase the budget (given). It will be great if/when (2013) a network deal is done that will only further benefit the budget tv=money.

  3. Robert, I know I always take shots at Utah State. I know Wyoming would be in the same fix if we weren’t already in the MTN But we have brought on two schools that need the conference more than the conference needed them. If this were the SEC they would be Vandy, Kentucky or Old Miss.and the SEC would have just loss Alabama, Florida and Tennessee Hope USU & SJSU admitance is conditioned on real Athletic Improvement occurring. On the long haul it might even help the Pokes. If our program gets untracked winning non conference games could still improve our reputation in an otherwise weaken MTN

  4. We aren’t on the bottom for budget but we are on the bottom for MW championships. I didn’t know UNLV spent so much. Must be a lot going towards basketball because their football returns stink!

  5. Glad the conference was proactive and reactive with expansion. Being an eight team league would have left the league vulnerable and now having ten hopefully will entice the big east boys to come back.

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